Doctor Dash : Hospital Game free coins, diamonds. Secrets of the passage

Doctor Dash : Hospital Game hack

Build your own hospital, take patients and earn money. Hack Doctor Dash: Hospital Game will bring a lot of money to your account and diamonds. Quickly perform complex tasks, speed up the installation of new equipment and buy paid things. Follow the tips in the instructions and create the largest hospital. This colorful simulator of the hospital has dozens of interesting assignments and hundreds of clients to whom you can help.

Tired of accepting patients, but do you want to make more money? Build your own hospital with different specialists in your own offices, at first a small point. Pass jobs and getting good feedback from customers you can expand your domain. Cheats Doctor Dash: Hospital Game will present coins and diamonds for free, it will greatly simplify the game and will expand the number of doctors.

Cheat Codes Doctor Dash: Hospital Game:

  • Perform simple tasks, treat the teeth and perform surgical operations, get coins as a reward. The code will help to get 150 000 coins for free – ABD9zVTg_ # J8
  • Gems, this is a premium currency that can be purchased for real money to get 7,850 diamonds, use the code – SeeeO4hj_ # J5

Expand the buildings and hire new specialists, provide services of versatile doctors. Under each disease, build a cabinet and accept clients. There is no need to create a queue, every patient wants to quickly solve their problem. Send it to the right specialist and get money for the services provided.

How to play, unlock items

A colorful game, the simulator of the hospital is a simulator. There is no need to do surgery, or to examine doctors. Become a businessman by hiring doctors and providing services to customers. In Doctor Dash: Hospital Game there are diagnostic offices, such as X-ray and others, they will help diagnose the client and send to the desired office.

Manage the hospital, expanding the number of doctors and building new clinics. Help people to treat their teeth, and diagnose problems with the heart, or brains. Neurosurgical department, department of dentistry and urology, here the player can immerse himself in the life of the clinic. Study all processes and do your services better.

Build a hospital, expand your possessions and earn a lot of money. Hacked Doctor Dash: Hospital Game will get a lot of money, like an investment in your clinic. Offer the client the best service to improve the level of the institution. Return health to people and receive rewards for the work done. The game allows you to share your achievements in social networks.

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