Doctor Kids 3 free stars, unlock all items & levels, secret & tips

Doctor Kids 3 hack for android

Disable advertising, unlock mini games and get more stars. Doctor Kids 3 hack for Android & iOS will give a lot of money to the account and will expand the list of entertainment. Have fun in the game, performing tasks to cure small patients. Take on the role of beach doctor, destroy germs in patients’ bodies and get stars as a reward. Game Doctor Kids 3 is free, but game purchases limit the player.

Go on a summer vacation to the island, there is a lot of entertainment, sweet and interesting. There are many dangers for children, bacteria and viruses. Intervene to replace the doctor to help small patients. Eliminate the problems you need through various mini games, it’s fun and interesting.

Game purchases, Doctor Kids 3 codes:

  • Although the game can be downloaded for free, many functions and sections are closed. Unlock them for real money, or using secrets. Unlock All – uQCgZaE6S
  • Advertisement often pops up, which sometimes gets boring. To disable advertisements, use the code – layX9CgAC
  • Open this mini-game with this cheat code – 7Uy7KTwI8
  • Starter pack, x100 stars will give you a code – lajOS4E3E

Begin the treatment with a check, explore the airways, throat, heart disease and even such an unpleasant thing, lice. Fight infection at the levels of the infection itself. Use weapons, accurate shooting skills and quick response.

Many mini-games in one, you do not need to download mod Doctor Kids 3, getting root or jailbreak rights is also unsafe. Make sure that you know how to enter codes and get all the functions of the game, for free.

Gameplay, mini games and stars

Each patient will bring the stars of experience, this will make you a name. The player has to learn many interesting and useful manipulations. Even the educational effect is inherent, because here you will learn more about the causes of illnesses and learn how to treat them.

The game form will appeal to both kids and adults, to treat here is interesting and exciting. This does not always work out the first time, but do not despair.

Doctor Kids 3 cheats give the player the freedom to use all resources. Open paid sections and disable advertising, this improves the overall experience of the game.

Each time, check children for throat, lungs, and heart diseases. In addition to serious diseases, there are less dangerous, but also unpleasant. Look for lice in the minds of customers using a magnifying glass and destroy the pogans.

Putting shots in the game does not hurt at all, but it’s necessary to learn how to do it correctly. Make diagnoses and choose the method of treatment. Move into the vessels of patients to pinpoint the microbe in the infection.

Stars Doctor Kids 3, mini games and locked sections are now available to ordinary players, without investing money. Share your tricks with your friends.

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