Doctor Who: Battle of Time for Android

Doctor Who: Battle of Time

Doctor Who: Battle of Time, this is a new card game for mobile devices. Here you will travel in time and fight for the salvation of the Earth. Favorite heroes, collect strong cards to challenge enemies and create a new empire. Traveling you will be able to unlock characters from different times, many characters will be known to you. Earn money, gold and rubies, hacked Doctor Who: Battle of Time will give you free shopping and will unlock valuable items in the game for free.

Description of the game

The card game was created together with the company BBC, here tangles of history are confused. Doctor who collects a team of heroes, take responsibility for protecting the Earth. Fight along with Amy Pond, K-9, Benton, Sarah Jane and other famous heroes. Doctor Who: Battle of Time on Android is available about 200 characters. Unite them in a team, you are the hero who was entrusted with the creation of a team that can defeat the enemies.

Doctor Who: Battle of Time hack

Passage in the game, time travel will open new maps before you. Participate in battles and earn experience, gold and precious stones. To fly through all the galaxies, you will need a lot of money. Only the joint work of the Cybermen will overthrow the new empire. In the game, you become a companion of a doctor who will teach and tell about the life of the universe and teach the basics. All important decisions you will have to make independently, the composition of the team will depend on the outcome of the battles.


Former enemies united against the Sylmiri who overthrew mankind. Create a new empire using heroes of different classes. Combine them into one team and create your own empire. Step-by-step card fights last a couple of minutes, having heroes of different classes you will have a strategic advantage. Doctor Who: Battle of Time mod allows you to participate in online battles against other players.

Doctor Who: Battle of Time mod

Increase your level, develop skills, unlock new chests with hero cards. Prevent armageddon in your power, having enough gold and precious stones you will have an advantage over other players. Each hero card has unique characteristics and abilities, using gold develop them and raise the level. Money Doctor Who: Battle of Time will allow you to open gold chests and unlock rare hero cards.

Graphics and game features

The game is made in the style of 2D graphics, hero cards and controls are very detailed. You will recognize the faces of your favorite heroes and you will be able to enjoy a smooth animation during the card game. Graphics depicts the mood of the London laboratory of Doctor Who, this is a real detective, which you can unravel by participating in battles. A unique story and favorite characters that have a history of 50 years. Doctor Who: Battle of Time for iOS is simple, you can download it on any smartphone and enjoy card games.

Doctor Who: Battle of Time cheat

Participate in adventure, collect a team of dreams and attack opponents. Saving the earth from destruction, you can earn valuable rewards and collect strong characters in the team. This is a fantastic game for fans of card battles. An important mission of a secret agent can be simplified if you learn to use cheat codes.

Teach your favorite characters new abilities, train and improve the level of skills. Having money will allow you to get an advantage, cards with special skills cost a lot of money.

Doctor Who: Battle of Time hack:

  • 60 0000 gold – BURHNgAik2
  • 60,000 gems – XiQmGbIa9K
  • Restore life – OVoosrIai5

Follow the instructions to get a lot of money, unlock unique cards and quickly restore energy. Tricks work on all Android, iOS devices.

Download Doctor Who: Battle of Time mod (Google Play)

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