Does not Commute Codes Cheats

Does not Commute cheats

Today you will learn how to crack Does not Commute on Android and iOS and how to get a lot of time and make the game easier. To do this, you do not need to download additional modes.

Does not Commute – a fascinating game, the famous author of the game Granny Smith. Completely new and unexpected concept of the story line of the race. You have to overtake the car from point A to point B, on the roads of the typical American town retro, 60s of the last century. Driving a given route, you can collect the bonuses on time. What is extremely difficult. Much more confident you feel in the game after breaking Does not Commute.

The list of codes, secrets of hacking:

Infinite time – 3qoGH8

Checkpoints – bY0vQH

Full version free -uRqL18

Hacking at a premium – LKjCRm

Remove ads – cGu4Wy

The speed of the job is extremely important, because the game has a timer. Safely reaching the first machine to the desired point, you are offered a ride by the same route, but on the other machine. And this is where the fun begins.

You will notice that with you goes first car. Not just rides, and exactly the same as your previous race. As a result, sitting behind the wheel of the fifteenth car with you in the company will go to fourteen cars that brought you to your destination sooner.

Chaos and a complete mess, that’s what you need to overcome, something to bring the car to the last point of the collection. Plus, the time that plays against you.
If your machine will crash into anything – it will go slowly, but you can rewind time and reconstruct the trajectory of (and lose precious time).

You will move from area to area, and thus through the game, and at the same time will continue to persist. (To add a time Does not Commute simply enter cheats, codes, breaking free of charge.) That is the time, with what you have completed the previous level will be used for the next and so on.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Does not Commute” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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