Drag Rivals 3D free Gold, Cash for Android – secret codes, not mod

Drag Rivals 3D hack android

Participate in post-apocalyptic races, get gold and silver. Drag Rivals 3D hack for money allows you to get a lot of money without downloading mod files. Secret cheat codes on Android unlock access to the most powerful cars and details. Conduct improvements, increase your level, participate in hundreds of races. Using the instruction, the player forgets about the empty tank. Having gold on the account, you will be able to restore fuel at any time.

Start with a low-power car, buying it for donated money. Further races will bring a small amount of money. Their player can spend on the purchase of parts. The game provides ample opportunities to improve and modernize the car. Details and tuning can be purchased without real purchases. Cheats Drag Rivals 3D: Fast Cars & Street Battle Racing gives the player complete freedom of purchase, but to unlock the details you need to constantly raise the level.

Bonus codes Drag Rivals 3D:

  • 375 000 silver – Xcu-qkgwN8
  • 4 380 gold – OXb-A1C71N
  • Disable ads – MT0-TumydI

Game descriptions, gameplay and secrets

The world has experienced nuclear disasters, the least radiation in the deserts. People moved here for life, but at the same time there was entertainment. Drag racing a race on the post-apocalyptic auto, dozens of models are available to the player for purchase. Begin from the bottom, but quickly raise your level, using gold and money. Drive on trucks, or supercars.

Customize the car from the engine to the labels on the hood and create your own style. Drag Rivals 3D is a quality graphics and endless drag racing race. 3D graphics and high auto detailing, take control in your own hands. In time switch gears and strategically use nitro. Challenge your friends and other players, the game has several modes in which you can spend interesting time.

Full fuel tank, free shopping in the game

The game has stylized graphics and real auto models. To gain prestige in the new world, you need the fastest car. Conducts the modernization of all the details and surprise of the opponent at the start. Feel the adrenaline, challenging the stronger opponent and show them your skills. Using a hacking, the player can unlock all types of cars and place himself in the garage.

Restore fuel and keep chasing. In 2017, the player does not need to download mod Drag Rivals 3D: Fast Cars & Street Battle Racing to get a lot of money into the account. Secret codes for free purchases will make you a professional. Increase the power of the car after each race and take first place in the ranking. Also improve your driving skills in the race.

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