Dragon Friends Codes Cheats

Dragon Friends Cheats

With this new Dragon Friends hack you will have for free Gems and Gold. There will be no one that can beat you in this game. As you know, Dragon Friends is very demanding game, where you have to collect huge amount of Gems and Gold to compete with the best players.

Dragon Friends Hack Cheats Android And iOS has been designed for you, to facilitate your life and that you can derive more enjoyment from the game, and at the same time do not waste your money. Learn how to hack Dragon Friends using this code. Secret letters cheat codes in the game Dragon Friends working on Android and IOS. Be sure to follow the instructions while using. With our codes you can get Gems and Gold.

Breed awesome unique dragons while personalizing your mystical island on the Android! Socialize with your best friends and family online with infinite possibilities.

Breed, hatch, and feed your fantastic dragons and obtain super rare dragons. Take a voyage to the magical island where dreams are made! Decorate your special dragon island with crops, helpful habitats, and beautiful buildings.

And with Magic Chance, exclusive to Dragon Friends : Green Witch, you even have an awesome chance to level up your basic Tree Dragon into ultra rare Guardian Dragon with just a touch of the magic wand! Send your dragons into the skies and dance among the stars with these adorably fierce dragon beasts! Start with an egg and evolve your dragons into beautiful, magical monsters.

While on the dragon breeding adventure, you can meet and socialize with your friends, old and new. Help each other by caring for crops, work in shops, and even bless precious dragons and level up your village faster, together. Help maintain your hybrid habitat by adopting cats, dogs, and pigs at your featured farm, too!

Come meet the innocent Shy tribe waiting on your island today and the awesome unique creatures of Dragon Friends! Did we mention there are also other amazing animals including cats, dogs, and even goats? Bring your creature village to perfection by adopting, breeding, and buying all of these fantastic fantasy friends!

The list of cheats to hack Dragon Friends to Android and IOS:

code for add 250 000 gems – GEM250_ad495

cheat for 250 000 gold – GLD250_ad525

add 1 000 hearts – HRT1KA_add000

unlock all Dragons – UNLALL_unl999

Its important to note that you can obtain any dragon that has any of the parent elements. This includes both 1-element dragons and the parent dragon themselves. For example, if you are breeding a sandstorm dragon (fire and lightning elements) with a water dragon, you can recieve any dragon that has any combination of the elements fire, lightning, and water. There is actually a large number of results you can get. Divided into 3 categories, you may get a 3 element or rare dragon (a dragon that contains all 3 elements used, fire, lightning, and water), a 2 element dragon (a dragon that contains 2 of the 3 elements used), or a 1 element dragon (a dragon that only contains 1 of the 3 elements you used). 3 element dragons are of course, quite rare, and least likely to occur. Fortunately, 1 element dragons are also quite rare and only appear to occur when the parents are low level. To prevent getting 1 element dragons, only use level 10 dragons for breeding. 2 element dragons are the most likely result.

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