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Dragon Hills 2 hack for android

Get coins and collect more brains to raise the level. Dragon Hills 2 hack for Android, iOS will make the game for free, without downloading the mod. To use cheat codes, the player does not need to use root or jailbreak rights. Unlock the dragons, cards and disable advertising for a free game. Defeat the zombie apocalypse by collecting their brains and destroying the bosses. The same dynamic levels on the dragon in the new version of the game.

Count on the prince again do not come, moreover, on the shoulders of the girl lies the mission of saving the world. Zombies captured all territories, move on the dragon, destroying the dead and collecting their brains for exploration. Cheats Dragon Hills 2 gives a reserve of coins that will allow you to play for free without making game purchases. Disabling advertisements will not allow you to be distracted by watching paid videos.

Bonus codes Dragon Hills 2:

  • 24 500 Coins – K3e_Bbmlgy6L
  • Disable ads – L5o_9fnpibLm

Game descriptions

The second part of the journey of the princess on the dragon. The first players were asked to get away from the conclusion of the dragon, riding it. The further the player gets, the more rewards and police in the ranking. A couple of years passed and the developers decided to recreate their favorite gameplay with improved graphics and plot. The world has taken chaos, zombies are everywhere and the dragon will help to kill all the dead.

Moving around the map, destroying all objects and collecting the brains of zombies, the player raises his level. The game Dragon Hills 2 has experienced a number of changes, but the controls and gameplay remained the same. A pair of new characters and a map for passing. Jump up the map, dive under the ground to jump higher and avoid traps and acid pits.

Coins in the game for free

The salvation of humanity is not a profitable business, so the player is encouraged to spend real money in the game. Purchase of coins will improve your dragon, increasing its characteristics and buying new weapons. Often the player can meet the Dragon Hills mod 2 files on the Internet, which promise a lot of money after download. But the player gets problems with the game and the loss of personal data.

Be careful, use the game store to get resources in the game. Hacking with the help of codes allows you to do it quickly and safely. Hurry up, you do not have enough time, the whole game goes wild. Travel to different worlds and battle with dozens of big bosses. Conquer towers and new peaks and compete with friends.

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