Dream League Soccer Codes Cheats

Dream League Soccer Cheats

Today we want to introduce our new work, namely hacking Dream League Soccer for iOS and Android devices. We worked on it for about a week before found secret codes . These cheats Dream League Soccer will give you as many resources as your heart desires, and their use is equal to a conventional purchase, so you will not be found by the admins of the game.

Now you do not need to bother yourself to seek programs and modes for Dream League Soccer to get a lot of money and coins, enough to enter the desired code. On the Internet you can find many hacks Dream League Soccer, but most likely you will be disappointed, most of them stuffed with viruses, or are not working. Before using cheats Dream League Soccer we recommend that you use the manual and learn how and where to enter secret codes to obtain coins and money.

The list of cheat codes for cracking Dream League Soccer for iOS and Android:

The main reason we made the hack is the request of our readers in social networks, it is not surprising that in a free game, so many restrictions. Hack of League football will give you all the resources without inserting a decent bag and save money. Now you do not have to spend a lot of time to make money, rather use secret cheat codes.

code on the receipt 50 000 coins in the game Dream League Soccer – DL50uiopS

to get 100 000 in cash in the game, enter the code Football League – D50ertyS

unlock VIP – DLunoirfS

Having a lot of money in the game you will be able to build a strong team in this soccer simulator without the insertion of real money and spend just 5 minutes reading the instructions and enter the secret cheat codes.

Dream League Soccer is a game with good graphics and received the freedom of shopping, you will be even more involved in the process of passing the football league. After a career you can play online with other players.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available on iOS but STGames reported that they are doing everything possible to make this function also works on Android devices

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Dream League Soccer” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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