Dream Town Story free Diamonds, Cash, Cheat, Codes for Android

hack Dream Town Story for Android

Get money and diamonds for free using the hack Dream Town Story. This is a simulator built by the city for Android, Dream Town Story is free to download, but it contains game purchases that can coolly limit the speed of development. An excellent simulator with simple graphics that can be run at any time and enjoy a simple, but fun gameplay. Use secrets and get money on the account without violating the rules of the game.

Simple, but effective simulation of the construction of the city. Create everything from scratch, laying every brick in the future city. Choose the way of development, location of buildings. The main task of the player is to attract new residents to the city. Money will increase the tempo, but forget about downloading the Dream Town Story file. The player does not need to get root or jailbreak right to unlock all buildings and items.

Dream Town Story free cheat codes for shopping:

  • Money in the game is needed to build new buildings, open new buildings. Their player receives for each task completed, but the main currency is the precious stones. They open access to paid items and allow you to speed up a variety of processes.
  • To get 8 750 diamonds, use the code – PgjtC_CQUp

Do not know how interesting to spend time, and city builders tired of their monotony? Download Dream Town Story mod and enjoy a simple but interesting gameplay. Simple graphics with pixel elements, dozens of types of buildings are available for selection. Choose yourself how to arrange buildings, where to build an entertainment center and more.

How to unlock all buildings

A wide variety of buildings, from residential buildings to the auto dealership center. Populate the city with new residents, increase their incomes and build a variety of shops. All of them will bring income to the treasury in the form of taxes. Earn money by reinvesting into the construction and compete with friends in the speed of building the city.

It’s simple and exciting, and using the hacked Dream Town Story you will be able to spend diamonds without restrictions. Create a dream city using your own resources. Create new jobs and housing for residents. This is very simple and exciting, if you do not limit the game purchases.

Unblock expensive buildings and attract the attention of new residents. Share achievements with friends on social networks and talk about tricks.

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