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Drift Classics 2 android

Few games have an interesting story and can make a gamer sitting hours for the passing game. Drift Classics 2 game is one such game. Sophisticated gameplay and bright graphics lead to the fact that you can not break away from the game. But there are some nuances that spoil the fun of the gameplay. If you want to learn how to change it – read the article below. Drift Classics 2 money and other resources in the game will allow you to feel the real freedom. You will be able to buy all the necessary resources, as well as the items in the game. But for that you need a huge amount of patience, or present his own money. Through purchases in-game store you can make the game memorable and even more interesting without any problems.

Drive your best customized car and enjoy the best experience with “Drift Classics 2 – Muscle Car Drifting” game. The game is the best car driving simulated game built in with 3 control types: Regular Button, Tilt Control and Steering Wheel Control. Customize the car as per your requirement in just few simple steps. Select the perfect color and give your dream car the best metallic glossy texture. You can also choose to color the rims selected from a huge collection.

Drift Classics 2 hack

Given the fact that gamers do not want to resort to such methods, many sites offer them hack Drift Classics 2. We must warn you about the dangers of using this method. Download mod and entering personal data can have a detrimental effect on your mobile device. In addition, your account may be disabled due to violations of the rules of the game.

Drift Classics 2 Cheat Codes:

1 500 000 cash – N5_YuTLkFr

Remove Ads – R3_GaGYbtf

The developers really tried over the look of the game and its features. Management is intuitive. You do not have to sit for hours in order to understand how to fight with a rival. But in order to achieve good results you need to get a lot of virtual currency. How to do this?

Review, Tips and Guide:

You can select from 11 classic muscle cars, from both German and American manufacturers.

-BMW 2002
-Aston Martin DB5
-Ford Mustang 1969
Chevrolet Camaro Z28Drift Classics 2 mod
-Chevrolet Corvette 1960
-Audi Quattro
-Chevrolet Camaro IROC
-Chevrolet Camaro
-BMW M1 Procar
-Chevrolet Chevelle SS


Paint your car to your liking, select its color, reflection, and metallic color. You can also select from a huge collection of rims and they can be painted to your liking too.


You can get 3 stages of weight reduction with the final stage you also get a roll cage.


Engine tuning is available in 3 stages too. In the first stage, some minor modifications come into play, stage 2 is a bit more aggressive, you also get some exhaust flame and pops, and with stage 3 you get forced induction. Either supercharger or turbocharger. The appropriate one for your ride. You get some turbo spool sound and blow off sound in German cars and you that classic supercharger whine from the classics muscle cars.


6 Soundtracks from the 50s, and if you play from First Person then you can listen to them in radio quality. If played in Third Person then regular quality.


You can drift on 5 different tracks, and the last track is a bonus track in the desert, where your ride gets all-wheel drive and you can have some fun in the dust.


Random weather conditions occur on every track, and you can also drift at night on every track.


You can drive every single car from the first person view and witness the highly detailed cluster, which illuminates if you drift at night.


The dynamic tire smoke is still being used like in previous games with the company of dynamic brake disc glow.

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