Dungeon Warrior for Android, free cash, diamonds – unlock items

Dungeon Warrior hack

Dungeon Warrior, this is a new role-playing game from the company Linekong Holdings Limited. Start your journey through a fantastic world, destroy dragons and receive valuable rewards. It’s very easy to play, you can control the hero in the game with one finger. Run on a fantastic world, collecting items and weapons to strengthen the character. Hacked Dungeon Warrior for money will allow you to freely buy valuable equipment and unlock powerful skills.

Create a character

At the beginning of the game you can choose a hero class with certain skills. Start the journey and destroy the first monsters. It is easy to move and fight, enough one finger. You can play Dungeon Warrior for Android anywhere, you do not need an internet connection. You have to spend a lot of time to raise your level in the game and unlock valuable weapons and equipment.

This is a role-playing game in which you can play online, or offline. To increase the level, you can perform single tasks, or challenge other players. Winning brings additional experience and gold. Spend money to raise your level. Improve your equipment and unlock new dungeons. The world of dragons is very colorful, battles and treasures at every step.


Take the hero, choose a class and go on a trip. Tap on the screen to move and strike. Very dynamic battles, fast movements and endless enemies. Collect new skins and set them straight during the fight. At any time, you can upgrade, or start using a new weapon. Dungeon Warrior mod a lot of money, unlimited gold and precious stones give free shopping.

Accelerate the processes and increase the level of weapons with diamonds. This saves a lot of time for passing. Unlock paid skills, it gives unique opportunities and increases the chances of winning. Learn new strikes, reached a high level, you can build your own guild and team up with your friends. Destroy huge monsters and bosses in order to have the strength and power to use the cheat codes in the game.

Graphic of the Game

Quick change of scenes, dynamics of the game and huge monsters is a great challenge for fans of this genre. Several classes have unique abilities, use gold coins to strengthen their equipment. All elements in the game are bright and have a high level of detail. Using codes Dungeon Warrior for money and diamonds to play is becoming more interesting. Unlock VIP cards and equipment to take advantage.

Increase stamina and collect shards, the skills of the hero will quickly cope with the big bosses. Different characters have unique abilities, some restore health, others heal other heroes, magicians inflict damage at a distance. Use the screams of the dragon to defeat the monsters. The higher the level, the more valuable rewards and items of equipment you can get in the game.

Dungeon Warrior Hack:

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