Dunk Hoop free levels, unlock items & remove ads

Dunk Hoop hack android

Free get a chance to break all records of friends. Hack Dunk Hoop will allow you to continue after an error, the codes will give the opportunity to double your experience and set new records. Catch the balls, earn points and money to unlock the toll items in the game. Turn off advertisements to improve the game and not be distracted by unnecessary things. Follow the advice and get a chance to defeat everyone.

New to mobile devices, you can download mod Dunk Hoop for free for Android & iOS. This is a simple simulator in which the player needs to move the ring so as to catch all the balls. Their speed and frequency with time grow, so you need an irreproachable reaction. The game ends after the first ball, which will fall past the ring. A simple and endless gameplay can be delayed for a long time, not only for basketball lovers.

Secrets, Tricks, Codes Dunk Hoop:

  • Double experience, the code will double your experience and increase your own performance – V6_5qhwE13
  • Want to get to the number that few people have seen, use the code for immortality and throw without stopping, even after the lost ball – OU_rTEPxhz
  • Disable ads – 11_wpJBg1T

The developer has a couple of such games in the collection: Dunk Shot, Ketchapp Basketball and others. All these are simple arcades that you can play with one finger when a couple of free minutes fall out. An infinite number of attempts will kill a couple of free minutes, and remove the game from the phone is not necessary, it takes up little memory, but at any time you can continue to enjoy the gameplay.

How to set records?

You can move the ring only horizontally, taps on the screen. The ball can go into the ring smoothly, or a little jump, it can recapture the next ball at a high level of difficulty. Therefore, you need to catch it as accurately as possible.

Cheats Dunk Hoop will allow to establish a record to which it will be difficult to reach friends. Disabling them is just as easy as turning it on, just reenter it.

Arcade graphics, simple controls and endless attempts. Catch as many balls as possible and get valuable rewards. The game will be refined and the player will be able to buy different skins and items to diversify the gameplay. Get the news first, downloading a mod player disables the ability to use updates, be careful.

A quiet place and a high level of concentration will make it possible to break the record. To win, you need accuracy, be careful and careful. In addition to ordinary balls, there are fireballs, they bring more points, but also move faster and more often. Enjoy the game and share secrets with friends.

Hacked  Dunk Hoop will give you unprecedented opportunities.

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