Dunk Shot free Stars, Unlock Skins, secret codes for Android

Dunk Shot hack

Get more stars and unlock skins, hack Dunk Shot for Android. Free disable advertising and enjoy a free game. Practice accuracy by throwing balls into the basket. Accurate throws are rewarded with stars and give additional experience. At level, the player unlocks balls of a different type. This brings diversity and is responsible for the level. Follow the instructions and get more stars, open new skins.

Shoot the ball, following the trajectory and throw the ball. Begin with simple tasks and learn more challenging throws. With reaching a certain level, you will encounter moving grids, as well as a burning ball. To get stars and disable advertisements, downloading Dunk Shot mod file will be useless. Use secrets and diversify your game.

Dunk Shot cheat codes:

  • Unlock all skins – pVkzQtfKB_DS
  • Disable advertisement – oY9Iocv4k_DS

Game descriptions, gameplay

A simple arcade game on mobile devices. Developers Ketchapp create games of this genre with millions of downloads. And this is not an exception, playing it will be interesting to both adults and children. In any place, run the game and enjoy accurate throws. Move as high as possible and share your achievements with your friends.

Dunk Shot allows you to have fun anywhere. But with connections to the Internet, the player is forced to watch distracting ads. It can be turned off and unlock all the balls for the game. Unlock the balls and get more stars and post your achievements on social networks to share with friends. Rival, setting new records.

Free stars, unlock balls

The game has a simple control, enough to pull the net and throw the ball. If he gets by, the game is over. Each successful roll doubles your combo and allows you to gain more experience. Enjoy the game and use different balls to diversify the game. Become a basketball star, taking up places in the standings.

Hacking Dunk Shot with the help of codes will allow you to enjoy all the updates and enjoy unlimited possibilities. Restore your achievements after the fall and continue to throw. Train the reaction, experience will help you just cope with difficult situations. Join the leaders and talk about the secrets in the social networks.

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