Earth Conquest Z free of soul, life and glasses. Secrets and tips for passing

Earth Conquest Z hack

Get free souls, life and other resources, Earth Conquest Z hack will give you unlimited money. Quickly increase the number of infected on the ground, increase the level and become an absolute champion of zombies. Use the instruction and get a lot of money on the account, this will give a great advantage and will accelerate the growth of your levels. Collect souls and conquer the earth, seize billions of people with your own army.

Kill as many enemies as possible and get souls into the collection, they are needed for further conquest. Increase the level of the team, equip them with the most powerful weapon and do not leave a chance on the ground. Earth Conquest Z is a clicker, you can download it for free for Android & iOS devices. To fully play, you need to buy sets of resources in the game store, or use a game hacking.

Free Earth Conquest Z codes:

  • Souls, lives and points are needed to improve different elements. This clicker requires a large amount of resources to complete each of the indicators at +100 000, use the code – Ed_dWApqMo
  • Disable advertising in the game – Lw_87s133y

2D graphics, dozens of zombie species, hundreds of possible improvements. To control the game one finger is enough, tap on the screen to destroy enemies, carry out improvements and make your zombies stronger. Conquer the earth, in the left corner of the screen you can watch your own achievements, the number of infected people.

Free Souls, Lives and Resources

After downloading the game you take the role of the leader of a new kind of zombie. Your appearance is very contagious, but there are opposing forces, they will try to stop you. Use the skills of monsters, weapons and equipment from the game store to quickly capture millions of inhabitants of the earth. Cheats Earth Conquest Z will make your pets more intelligent and strong.

Become a legend and change life on earth, where the living dead rule. Gain experience and raise your level, discovering new types and techniques for destruction. Follow the indicators and clean the ground. Use the resources, earn souls and your zombies themselves will reincarnate and raise the characteristics.

A gamer can choose directions in development, buy the desired skills and functions. To get unlimited resources the player does not need to download Earth Conquest Z mod, or get special root, ailbreak. Conquer the planet, do it faster than others and conquer the earth. Travel through the dungeons to find items and receive valuable rewards.

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