East Legend Codes Cheats

East Legend Hack & Cheats - Unlimited Coins

Get 4-stars to 6-stars Premium Heroes, Armors, and Weapons using the East Legend hack. These cheats will give you free unlimited gems and gold on Android and iOS.
Follow this tutorial, and learn how you can use the “East Legend hack” to acquire unlimited gems and gold. By using the cheats, you can obtain rare 4-stars to 6-stars Premium Heroes and Set Items. You can also use the Gems and have infinite gold and energy.

Gems are needed to build your ultimate team of heroes. You can use it in searching for your perfect Premium Hero for your team. It is best used on the Shop, purchasing the “Premium Hero Card”, “10+1 Hero Card” (Event only, get 10 Heroes and at least one 4 star Hero), Premium Weapon Box and the Premium Armor Box. Having infinite amount of gems will let you easily search for the best close range, defense, long range, magic and support hero.

About East Legend Game :

This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items.

Your story will become the legend!
Go on an adventure to find the legendary Halidoms: Wisdom, Eden, Holy Script, and Chalice.
Join the Heroes to find the Chalice and save the world!


1. Heroes of 5 Different Attributes
Utilize each Hero’s unique skills to protect Deosis from the devils.
Become the Superb Knight to find the Chalice and close the Hell Gates.
You’re the only one who can bring back the legendary Heroes for the Chalice Search!

2. A Great War Against the Devils
Explore around Deosis to defeat the devils who’ve come through the Hell Gates.
Gear up with various items to strengthen your powers to save the world!

3. Join the Forces
Fight against the Boss with your friends in the Boss Raid.
Participate in the fierce PvP in the Colosseum.
Join a Guild to find powerful allies.
Enter the Treasure Dungeon to get the legendary treasures.

A list of cheats to hack East Legend:

  • Add 99 999 Gems (Free Gems for East Legend.) – GEMS99ADeL
  • Add 99 999 Gold (Free Goldms for East Legend.) – GOLD99ADeL
  • Add Unlimited FP – FTUN99ADeL
  • Add Unlimited Energy (Use the gems to refill your energy completely.)
  • Double EXP  – DOUBEXPADeL
  • No Cooldown – NOCOOLdwADEL

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “East Legend” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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