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Ellie’s Wedding Journey android

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Ellie is ready to begin her life anew after a tough breakup.

Help her on this journey as she works hard at Marry Me, a once-fabulous bridal shop at the heart of her new town.

Be fast to make every bride-to-be at the salon happy with your efficient services and work a real miracle: restoring the Marry Me Bridal Shop to its former glory!

A beautiful story of love and new beginnings awaits Ellie – and you!

Ellie’s Wedding Journey mod

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Promo codes Ellie’s Wedding Journey for Android & iOS:

150 000 coins – 8Z*ZriIFnc6

15 000 diamonds – 0T*uEGcCRMa

You do not need to download suspicious files, or obtain root or jailbreak law. For use secret codes Ellie’s Wedding Journey Android game you can simply read the instructions for writing the codes at the bottom articles. Besides that these cheat codes work on all iOS devices and Android, as the code playing the same.

Review, Tips and Guide:

👰DASH to make every bride client happy in many thrilling time management levels! Make strategic choices in the heat of a hectic bridal salon to make sure every future spouse will have novel-worthy wedding memories!

👰WATCH your clients’ reactions closely and do everything you can to help Ellie tend to them faster! Needless to say, you’ll have great challenges to overcome, but the more future brides craving for glamorous attention, the closer Marry Me Bridal Shop gets to recovering its former status!

👰UPGRADE your bridal shop to meet your clients’ growing demands and make every other bride business in town jealous of your salon’s fabulous rise to fame! Make them wonder about the secret of Marry Me’s smashing success among future brides!

👰PROVE your bride tending skills with fun mini games and experience Ellie’s day to day work at Marry Me!

👰FOLLOW Ellie’s journey in an engaging and heart-warming narrative and get to know the stories of other characters tied to Marry Me Bridal Shop! Get to know Miranda, the shop’s owner, and the many bride clients that dream of a perfect wedding!
Ellie’s Wedding Journey hack
Emily, Angela, Miranda, Ellie…these and many other names are woven into the story of Marry Me Bridal Shop. Some dream of rings and fancy houses, others want a family, true love or professional fulfillment: the designs of fate are many, but as Ellie, you’ll see where all these different treads lead while working hard through your own personal journey!

Try your best to be efficient and leave no client unattended, even as you work your way through little mishaps and disasters that are par for the course for any growing business!

Strong emotions will be felt, and hearts and lives will definitely be changed throughout Ellie’s journey. Live through the exciting stories tied to Marry Me Bridal Shop and experience the intense new chapters of Ellie’s life!

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