EMERGENCY HQ free coins and crystals. Unblock the items for Android


Free purchases in the game store, free crystals and money, hack EMERGENCY HQ for mobile. Use secret cheat codes and get unlimited resources for purchases, create the largest rescue station. The player will be able to perform the most difficult tasks using the instruction and get the premium currency to the account for free. This will speed up all the building processes and allow you to quickly increase the level in the game.

A unique strategy for mobile devices, free download EMERGENCY HQ is available from Google Play, Apple Store. But here there are game purchases, they will make the game more dynamic and interesting. You can develop the station without restrictions, thereby getting more complex tasks. Do missions to save people from fire and take them to your own hospital, receive gratitude and valuable rewards.

EMERGENCY HQ cheat codes for free:

  • The gamer receives a reward in the form of money for each job completed, they are needed for shopping in the store. Rewards are small, so those who want to go through the game faster can buy sets of coins and crystals for money. To get 125 000 crystals per account for free, use the code – HQNDH_ByoG1
  • Crystals are a premium currency, with their help you can unlock paid items, speed up the construction process and get more pleasure from the game. This cheat will bring each gamer for 8 750 crystals for free – HQM8H_CsE9h
  • Disable the advertising of the game (play without ads with the Internet connected) – HQGEJ_bjrUc

This is a unique strategy for Android & iOS, where everyone can build a rescue station that includes fire department, police department, technical unit, medical assistance. Going to the first mission, the player has to extinguish the tree and take one victim to the hospital. This is the simplest task to get more complex, you need to develop your base.

Gameplay, tips for passing

Organize a rescue operation, the correct sequence of actions guarantees rescue to all who are trapped. Each action of the game is performed by the player himself, click on one of the characters, or the car appears the choice of actions in the form of a circle.

Learn the correct sequence of actions to quickly eliminate the fire and start loading the wounded. Hacked EMERGENCY HQ gives the player the freedom of buying and allows you to quickly raise the level.

The game has a bright graphics, high detail and a lot of exciting missions. This is a worthwhile strategy for lovers of realism.

Build the base from scratch, gain experience, raise the level and unlock items in the game store. Construction begins with roads, so that a rescue station will function effectively, you need to connect all the stations by road.

Detailed maps and buildings, raise the level and stop the natural cataclysms of a global scale. Small rewards that the player receives for completed tasks are severely limited.

Cheats EMERGENCY HQ give freedom of purchase and will allow using modern equipment and expand your team. Share your secrets with friends, and achievements in the comments.

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