Empire Glory:Civilization Legend free diamonds, cash for Android

Empire Glory:Civilization Legend hack

The new game Empire Glory:Civilization Legend attracts more attention, more and more questions come up, how to get extra money, resources in the game without downloading mod files? In this article you will find a complete list of codes, secrets and tricks of passing the game, without violating the rules. Hack Empire Glory:Civilization Legend with cheat codes for free purchases, gives the opportunity to quickly and free of charge to replenish key resources and accelerate the passage. This method is tested, and works successfully on most Android & iOS devices.

Empire Glory:Civilization Legend is an online survival-themed strategy game which you can construct your empire to defend other lords’ scout and invasion. Conquer and battle your way for glory!

Build the unique kingdom which is under your reign, team up with ally to defend others’ scout and invasion, raid competing kingdoms for their good loots! Blood and glory, war and dawn, invasion and revenge, this is where legend begins.

*Choose 7 Splendid Civilization*
In Empire Glory, you will go through many periods of civilization in human history. From Dawn age to Industrial age, you need to try your best to develop civilization and conquer the world. You can choose a country to develop, such as China, England, France and Japan.

After downloading Empire Glory:Civilization Legend mod, you risk getting a virus, do not disable the antivirus when using third-party programs. Codes work through the game store and are the safest way to wind money into the account. It does not threaten the ban, and you can play at the level of donators, unlock paid items and functions. A completely different gameplay with new features awaits you after using free purchases in the game.

Empire Glory:Civilization Legend cheat codes for Android & iOS:

  • 100 000 coins – v0H_cU7w2G
  • 10 000 Diamonds – b5X_Jk7Nv4

Increase your chances of winning, pass the levels faster and save a lot of time on the extraction of resources. Unblock new opportunities for passing, the hacked Empire Glory:Civilization Legend will bring even more pleasure. But to become a better player and get into the standings, you need to train your skills. With the growth of the level, the complexity of the task is increasing, competition is growing. Be careful and follow all the advice, cheat codes can be used several times. Having studied this method, the player receives unlimited resources on the account at any time. Enjoy the game and share secrets with friends.

Features of the game, tips for passing

*Build Exclusive Empire*
Lead a village from the Dawn age to a legendary kingdom where you can construct historic wonders like Forbidden City or Terra Cotta Warriors. Farming hunting, research armies, training troops, upgrade heroes and so on. Defend your empire by forge the strongest army, cross the frontier, the world is under your reign!

* Recruit Famous Heroes *
Recruit and upgrade all of the famous heroes with unique skills! The Great Alexander, gorgeous Cleopatra, Great hero Cao Cao, heroic Napoleon, five-star general Macarthur, all of them will lead your kingdom to glory.

* Join in World War*
Establish alliances with other empires to participate in World War! Experience the thrill of real-time war as civilizations clash, strike down your opponent in the MMO strategy game.

* Multiplayer Online War Games*
Lead the powerful empire legion to compete with other competitors, victory can get higher rankings. Write your own legend in Empire Glory!

Explore exotic magical empire and choose your favorite heroes, make new friends, and charge fearlessly into war! What are you waiting for? Joining us and download Empire Glory:Civilization Legend now!!

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