EVE: War of Ascension for Android, mod, cheat

EVE: War of Ascension

EVE: War of Ascension, is a mobile version of the game EVE Online, which has millions of fans on the PC. This is an MMO game in which you will explore a new galaxy in search of new resources and new technologies. For travel, you will need a powerful fleet, collect ships, buy them for money and create a large space station with which you can gain dominance. EVE: War of Ascension hacked version on Android, iOS is available to everyone without downloading extraneous, mod files.

Description of the game

Announcement of this game appeared last spring and now you can experience EVE: War of Ascension for Android. The progenitor of this game is the most discussed game on the PC, around which there are a lot of stories and news. Finally, the developers have finished creating the game and everyone can download it for free on their device. Here you can build your own corporation and fight with other players.

Fight for resources, travel the galaxy in search of new relics and valuable items. This is a unique adventure that you previously could not experience on the phone. New technologies, spaceships, battles for outposts and territories. To build a corporation you will need a lot of money, get allies and get support. Wise resource management and codes will allow you to quickly raise your level in the game and build a whole corporation.


EVE: War of Ascension mod

This is a real MMO game in which you will fight with other players. Fight for the stars, expanding your map of possessions. Destroying enemies you can get valuable resources and additional experience. EVE: War of Ascension mod, a lot of money in the game gives you the freedom to buy and allows you to quickly develop the fleet. Corporations are not built alone, you can share tricks with friends and team up in one team.

Together to conquer the posts will be easier, valuable areas have a strong defense. You will need a powerful army to capture new territories and conserve resources. To conduct research with the help of premium currency much faster, using the money you can quickly update ships, the station and speed up the processes. Paid modules and special features are available with the help of codes, play at the level of donate for players.


EVE: War of Ascension hack

The game has beautiful graphics, detailed ships, colorful journeys through galaxies and vast territories. Color posts indicate the power of players, use EVE: War of Ascension crystals to quickly improve modules and increase levels. A beautiful picture of the game is very bright, music will help immerse yourself in space adventures and enjoy adventure.

EVE: War of Ascension cheat

Use boosters to quickly move around the galaxy. For the money in the game you can use teleportation and fast moving between stations. Collect rare relics using the gained advantage. The game is distributed on a system of free-to-play, which means game purchases. Crystals in the game can be obtained by cheat codes, or spend real money in the game store.

EVE: War of Ascension hack for Android, iOS

  • 20 660 crystals for free – TfS_RdhUd
  • Disable ads in the game – KN2_xwJmA

Participate in multiplayer battles, follow the instructions and gain an advantage in the form of unlimited resources. This is the easiest and safest way to hack the game for Android, iOS without downloading mod files.

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