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Protect the planet from monsters and mutants in the game Final Duty: Zombie Nation. Get money with cheat codes, hack Final Duty: Zombie Nation on Android can be obtained quickly and safely. Follow the instructions and get unlimited resources in the game. Unlock new heroes and weapons and go through challenging levels. Receive valuable awards and new items of equipment. Collect a team, or fight in PvP mode with other players.

Invasion of viruses and mutants on the planet brought chaos and devastation. The struggle for resources and battles for the territories took a massive turn. Collect your own squad of soldiers, arm them and use robots to get support. The work of geneticists can improve the characteristics of soldiers and equip them with unique and powerful skills. Cheats for money will allow you to unlock weapons and rare skills for free.

Final Duty: Zombie Nation cheat codes:

  • In the role of money in the game are gold coins and precious stones. With their help, the player easily makes improvements and gets a significant advantage. To get 100 000 gold coins, use the code –
  • Precious stones allow you to open chests and get rare heroes and speed up all updates. To get 4 600 diamonds, use the cheat code –

Free role-playing game on mobile devices has a high-quality graphics and ample opportunities to create an invincible squad. Despite free access to the download, players are looking for where to download the Final Duty: Zombie Nation mod to get money.

The fight against zombies, aliens and other monsters requires large reserves of energy and combat power. The evil spirits almost from under your feet, be ready for quick attacks. 100 kinds of monsters are fighting for survival with the human race.

Open new weapons, use grenades and extra equipment to complete the level and clear the territory of monsters. Use the bellows for support, they have great power and ample opportunities in the battle.

Free money, precious stones

Pump up your skill, create a powerful hero with the help of premium currency. Enter into battles with other players by hacked Final Duty: Zombie Nation is available for free for everyone, it allows you to use diamonds without restrictions. Wander through dangerous areas, destroying hundreds of enemies.

In the game, you can challenge friends in the PvP battle. You can play alone, or fight in 3v3 mode. Challenge the bosses and get valuable rewards for winning. Prizes include premium money, which will create an invincible team.

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