Fishing Hook : Bass Tournament free Cash, Diamonds for Android, Secret & Tips

Fishing Hook : Bass Tournament hack

Unlock all fishing places and get money to buy gear. Hack Fishing Hook: Bass Tournament for Android, iOS, No mod download, cheat codes for diamonds and money for free. Enjoy free fishing, take part in tournaments and earn yourself the title of champion. Using the instruction, everyone can receive a lot of money on the account without sponsors and unlock valuable items.

Very dynamic fishing, sit and wait for the bite do not have to. Visit different places on the yacht and catch rare and large fish. But you have to start with training, cut the fish and learn to pull to the shore. Small catches do not bring much money, therefore, often players are looking for where to download mod Fishing Hook: Bass Tournament. Resources are available in the game and without breaking the rules, you can do this simply with the help of bonus codes.

Fishing Hook: Bass Tournament cheat codes:

  • Money in the game act as coins, with their help the player can buy gear and raise their level. This will increase your chances of big catches to get 100 000 money for free, use the code – rIyU_vMML5
  • Gems are a premium currency and are bought for real money in a game store. Get 10 000 diamonds for free, you can use the code – UKJ_moTXzG

Games where you can fish quite a lot, most of them are very similar. A true fan of this genre downloads everything in order to find the most suitable. If you like tranquil fishing on the lake, then you will like trophy fishing. If you want more action game with big fish and a complicated process, download this game.

Fishing Hook: Bass Tournament has a dynamic gameplay, you need to act quickly. To cut the fish you need to tap on the screen on the green strip of the indicator. The bigger the fish, the harder it will be. Then twist the coil and tighten it at the right time. A big catch requires a lot of effort and time to catch, the main thing is to withstand the equipment.

Free money and diamonds

The game shop has hundreds of items, from bait to fishing rods. All this costs money, you can earn them by participating in tournaments, or being on ordinary fishing. Records by weight, new types of fish are rewarded with additional experience and coins. Increase the level to unlock new gear and places for fishing. Hack Fishing Hook: Bass Tournament gives the player the freedom of buying.

Buy the best equipment and take part in the tournament. Taking the first places the player gets a chance to unlock new equipment. As for management, it is very simple, but it requires quick response and accuracy of action. Feel the real adrenaline will help the animation and voice acting in the game. Combine the slots and get unique fishing things in the most unusual places.

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