Fishing Simulator – Hook & Catch free Gold & Cash for Android, secret codes

Fishing Simulator - Hook & Catch hack

Get the gold and money you can using a hack Fishing Simulator – Hook & Catch; Catch for Android & amp; iOS. Bonus codes and cheats, will save a lot of time, money and energy. Buy expensive gear to become the best fisherman. Prepare a good bait, hooks and a strong line to hack the records of friends. Follow the instructions
and fill the box with the equipment with the best outfit. This will enhance your chances to take high positions in the world ranking.

Fishing Simulator – Hook & Catch cheat codes:

  • 4,750 gold – 8oB*qyhO-oX
  • 37 500 money – 5VU*olua-Cu

Unlock the points on the map and fish for expensive and rare fish. Use resources and constantly update the level of your gun. On this depends the possibility
to catch a big fish. A lot of money a player can get for free and without downloading mod Fishing Simulator – Hook & Catch. Get gold and money and fill your bag
the best outfit. Train your skills and agility to catch a rare and big fish.


Free fishing simulator has many differences from similar games. Everybody is here happens differently, first you need to throw the hook into the fish place, after which
in time to cut the fish. To catch a fish is not enough. As in the present fishing, she will squirm and try to cut off the line. You need to manage skillfully tension, and lead the fish in the right direction so that it is tired.

This realistic fishing simulator has many functions and capabilities. Discover new places for fishing and have fun in Fishing Simulator – Hook & Catch. This 3D simulator has hundreds of items in the store, excellent graphics, interesting and complex gameplay. To catch a valuable fish you need to apply knowledge and skills of the master.

Free gold and money

Use the money to upgrade your gear, use technology to find the largest fish in the lake. The game allows you to use GPS and find the best places for a large catch. Dozens of species of fish, each of them goes to a special bait. Learn the behavior of fish, use knowledge about weather and technology. Add to your the treasury of achievements is a rare sight, or break records by weight.

Each catch is rewarded with money, a gold player can acquire for real money, or using a hack Fishing Simulator – Hook & Catch. This will increase
catch, discover new places and enjoy fishing without restrictions. In the game collected lakes and seas with realistic fish. Everyone catches their own opportunities, using fishing rods, hooks and nets of different levels. Participate in the Fish Derby and tournaments and receive rare awards and valuable prizes.

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