Fishing Strike free gold & gems for Android, secret & tips

Fishing Strike hack

Get extra gold and diamonds, use the hack Fishing Strike for Android & iOS. Free purchases in the game are available to absolutely every gamer and today you will learn how to get resources, not downloading mods and not violating the rules of the game. Fishing is becoming more exciting, because the game took the famous developers of Netmarble Games. There are no boring expectations and the joy of biting, the fish will always be, can you catch it? Dynamic battles with big fish in colorful places and battles with the white shark, this is a real action on mobile devices.

Fishing Strike is free and available to everyone, but gaming purchases in the form of diamonds and gold will limit your travel. Dozens of items to buy, a variety of equipment and fish places around the world. Colorful graphics will allow you to navigate between different points on the map. This is a new generation fishing in which you need to work your fingers to pull the catch. Developers have tried to bring this genre to a new level. And using the instruction, you can raise your level in the game and get a lot of money.

Fishing Strike cheats:

  • Gold in the game is the main currency, with its help you can buy equipment, improve it and unlock access to places. Get + 1 000 000 gold on the account – ECA9-0EZX
  • Precious stones are a premium currency, they accelerate the speed of passage, unblock premium items and enable you to restore the rest of the resources. Get + 3 500 diamonds, free – BBUJ-4EGM

Using secret codes, everyone can take the maximum from the game. Excitement will only grow when you unblock the most fishy places and will be able to start filling your own aquarium. The game has quite a lot of features, Seven Knights, Marvel Battle of Champions, and other best-sellers talk about the quality of the games from this developer. They tried to expand the number of functions in this genre and attract different gamers to a dynamic and addictive gameplay.


Stunning graphics and brightness of the picture, a wide variety of subjects and possibilities. In addition to the usual hunting for prey, there are elements of construction and even battles. The game is free, so many are looking for a Fishing Strike mod to get all the benefits and unlock paid items. Dozens of types of fishing rods, reels, fishing lines and bait, all this costs money. In addition, the player will need fuel to move between points on the map.

This makes the game more measured and tightens the passage. Diamonds and gold allow you to drastically change the dynamics, gain more experience and unlock more powerful equipment. Plunge into the world of fishing and start replenishing your collection. Sell ​​fish, or collect rare species to your aquarium.

The player can connect the game to social networks and share achievements with friends. This gives the competitive effect in the number of fish in the collection, as well as the ability to compare records.

To catch more fish and earn money, collect a team of fishermen. Increase their effectiveness by training them and improving their skills. Train your skills and catch the biggest fish, using the sweep and quick work with the coil. Hacked Fishing Strike will allow you to forget about the restrictions and enjoy fishing. Fans can fish safely and in silence, the game may not like it. This is a real action game where you can fight with a white shark for your prey and even catch a giant. But before that you need to go, raising the level and assembling a strong team.

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