Force Storm: FPS Shooting Party for free money for Android. Codes for diamonds

Force Storm: FPS Shooting Party hack

Participate in online shootings for Android & iOS, use Force Storm: FPS Shooting Party and get a lot of money on the account. Donater, or a player with diamonds has a significant advantage in passing. Use secrets, follow the instructions and unlock the weapons of the highest class. Game purchases in a free game play an important role, the level and statistics of the player depend on this.

With the help of money, the player gets a significant advantage, the purchase of weapons and equipment requires a large reserve of resources. Buy equipment and equip the character to increase its characteristics. Codes from the developers will greatly simplify the passage and increase the chances of winning and different modes. Before you start, you need to choose a nickname, the flag for which you will play and the nearest server.

Force Storm: FPS Shooting Party Cheats:

  • Code for 100 000 money – ken_BUb4BS
  • The code for 1,000 diamonds – pzV_EAobNU

Free action shooter on mobile has graphics from comics, the developers specifically simplified it so that more players could enjoy the gameplay. Force Storm: FPS Shooting Party is free, but for a hundred dollars you get a chance to get into the leaderboard and kill more rivals. Powerful weapons and armor give a significant advantage, beginners will not have a chance at a meeting with you.

How to unlock weapons

FPS shooter has a large set of weapons and equipment, money earned in battle can always be spent on purchases, or improvements. Premium things are not available to the average player, so many try to download Force Storm: FPS Shooting Party mod to get a lot of money, unlock all items and modes. Using codes, everyone can save a hundred dollars and get the largest set of resources from the game store.

Despite the simplifications, the game has a pleasant schedule. Repeat the reality on a small screen still will not succeed, so this style of picture fits perfectly. This allows you to download the game to mobile not the most powerful. Here all friends can be united and fight for one team. Play against everyone, or participate in a shootout between terrorists and a special detachment.

Force Storm: FPS Shooting Party hacked for money and diamonds eliminates the need to collect resources by bit. Make the game free and remove restrictions, create a unique fighter, take the most effective weapons with you and get even more fun from the game. Communicate with allies in the chat and develop a strategy for the battle. Study maps in order to navigate well in space and to know dangerous places. Share your secrets with friends and play together.

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