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FortCraft hack cheat

Participate in online battles on a colorful map, where you can build and destroy the items themselves. FortCraft hack for Android & iOS will allow you to double the collected resources, get infinite health and defeat opponents on a huge map. 5 different classes of weapons, 12 types of each, and also super guns in the form of flamethrowers and bazookas, which can be obtained with the help of codes. Secret codes will allow you to get resources and unlock items in the game for free.

Increase your chances of survival in the largest and most interesting PUBG project. Once on a map in the size of 16 square meters, 100 players will fight for survival. But apart from shooting and fighting, you can build and interact with the environment here. This qualitatively distinguishes this game from all previous ones. Most recently, the developer will present his “survival project”. A little time has passed and we see a much more interesting game where you can interact with the environment and conduct research.

FortCraft cheats for Android & iOS:

  • Doubling all the collected resources – ZfWDKBgv2
  • Restore health to maximum – x4CJ1Z5F8
  • Get the Bazooka – sxxEtXMYy
  • Flamethrower code – ljDl73sGL
  • Grenade launcher code – 4ad5nfGvr

The player is landed from an air taxi to one of the points, you can use the compass as a guide. Having a huge hammer in your hands, you can immediately begin to collect resources and construction. Rivers and mountains here are not an obstacle, build bridges and ladders to get around obstacles and get to the right point. The most remote areas hide many bonuses, weapons and materials.

Features of the game FortCraft:

  • 16 km² map, a new and colorful 3D environment;
  • 100 players on one card;
  • 5 classes of weapons, 12 types each;
  • Ability to interact with the environment, destroy buildings, or build objects;
  • Collection of resources and materials for construction;
  • Combinations of two genres, online battles and crafting;

The game itself is not original, but some elements have greatly improved this concept. A completely new graphic update, many noticed that the developers were inspired by the movie Battle Royale and created a really good picture. While the game is being tested, you can download FortCraft mod for Android, or a trial version of the game for iOS.

Management in the game is very convenient and the opportunity is amazing. True for the game you will need a fairly powerful smartphone and close to gigabytes of free space. But the fresh environment and additions are worth it. Collect minerals and resources to create new items, codes will allow you to double resources and speed up the process of passing. Achieve new heights in this genre, having the advantage is much easier to take a high level in the game.

Pistols, shotguns, machine guns, rifles and sniper rifles, collect weapons on the map and use in combat. To get the most valuable reward you need to win on the map. Accuracy of shooting, powerful weapons and survival skills are the main ones. Build fortress, or play in a shooter, a variety of game modes FortCraft will allow you to have fun.

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