Free Jelly Defense Credits, Crystals, not download mod, Secret

Jelly Defense Lite hack

Hack Jelly Defense for Android will give a lot of money, credits to the player’s account. Do not need to download the mod, or enter personal information. Secret codes are available for free to anyone who can use bonus codes. The victory in the jelly war will depend entirely on the number of troops, deal with the invader and save as many crystals as possible. When the security of the planet is at stake, any methods are good.

Expand your Jelly Army and destroy the invaders. The peaceful inhabitants of the planet Dipllogl rely only on your help. The arrogant aggressor sends troops of monsters to pick up the crystals. Rescue the inhabitants and resources and receive generous rewards. Downloading Jelly Defense mod will not have to, if you skilfully use the bonus codes. Complex levels will seem easier, and the army will increase dramatically.

Cheats Jelly Defense:

  • 22,500 credits – Nv_98cBQ0
  • Disable ads – Iu_2MdLZI

Game descriptions

A wonderful TD arcade from eminent developers of Infinite Dreams. In the role of towers and the army of defense are lovely jellies. They will protect mines with crystals and destroy enemies. Each fighter has strength and skills that is severely limited. Often you need to install multiple protection points to keep all the crystals.

Become a hero in the game Jelly Defense, it is free and very interesting. It does not look like a game of this genre, although it has the same gameplay. Build towers of defense, they will shoot and release jelly warriors to protect the crystals. Resources will increase the level of your army and quickly build a strong team. Quickly restore mana and continue to build defense.

Free credits, how to pass the game

The strength of the enemy grows gradually, but the growth rate is higher than the player’s capabilities. Rigidly limited resources do not allow you to open strong characters in the initial stages. We have to think and build winning strategies, but it does not always help either. Passing the task several times and collecting money for improvements, you can finally successfully complete the level.

Jelly Defense cheats allows the player to harmoniously develop the team and strategy. Study the enemy, build the towers so that they bring the maximum benefit for protection. Save the jelly nation from the enemy and receive the hero’s rewards. Unlock new characters in the team and test your abilities. Keep all the crystals on the level and get a significant reward.

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