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hack G-Switch 3 for android

Disable advertising in the game, get credits for free and unlock characters. G-Switch 3 hack replenishes the account with money and allows you to get more pleasure from the game. Follow the instructions, use the cheat codes and unlock all the features of the game. Challenge your friends and gravity and go through the most challenging levels. Credits will allow you to recover and continue the passage after the fall, many challenging and interesting levels await you.

Continuation of the famous sequel to G-Switch, the story of which stretches from the distant 2010. Millions of players have already experienced a horizontal runner, and now they can remember the gameplay and get new sensations. Game G-Switch 3 has several characters, each has a unique appearance and abilities. Diversify the gameplay and navigate the different worlds of the riner.

Unlock characters, G-Switch 3 codes for credits:

  • The main currency of the game is credits. With their help, you can buy skins, recover from errors and get additional features. To get 15 000 loans for free, use the code – 4dPEOgL0_gs3
  • Disable ads in the game – CnlXmJqd_gs3
  • Unlock characters – MojSwVkv_gs3

Challenge your reflexes, gravity and time. Speed ​​increases every time, you need to be glued to the surface, so as not to fly away. Complex levels have many dangers and traps that must be avoided. Compete with your friends and share achievements in social networks, the game is available for free download and has a couple of modes.

Game modes, characters and level

Perform single tasks, traveling to different worlds. Pass checkpoints on time and unlock new territories. Controls in the game are extremely simple, tapping enough to switch from one surface to another. The speed rolls over, errors are inevitable, hacked G-Switch 3 will allow you to recover and continue from the place of the fall.

This will save time and allow you to pass a difficult level the first time. In the new version of the game you can challenge friends and fight in multiplayer mode. Up to 4 players on one device, play tournaments with real players, or a computer. Collect balls in Endless mode and get valuable rewards, unlock new characters.

The cloning mode allows you to split and play on two surfaces simultaneously. G-Switch 3 cheats will help to collect 12 secret balls faster and open new characters. Share your secrets with friends and compete in achievements.

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