Galaxy Control 3D Codes Cheat codes

Galaxy Control 3D cheat codes, not mod apk

To master the galaxy, you will need a lot of money and other resources that cheats can give you in Galaxy Control on Android and iOS. This will allow you to replenish stocks of uranium and minerals, which are necessary for the development of your station and training of troops. The use of secret codes do not require downloading mods apk and enter personal data, which guarantees your safety when using them.

Hacking Galaxy Control 3D space of the military strategy in which you can fight with millions of active players. The new player is being attacked more than strong that strongly inhibits the passage in the beginning of the game, you can work around this injustice by using rapid pumping of using codes. Not only do they add resources you need, but at the same time expand their capacity, which automatically raises the level of the buildings.

Cheats Galaxy Control on Android and Ios:

The main currency of the game are the crystals, the code on a lot of money will replenish their stocks to 50 000 units – GC50-adron

Add stock and increase the level of stock to 1 000 000 Uranium – GC1M-auran

Increase the level of supply and Minerals per 1 000 000 – GC1M-amine

Reserve Redmins to 1 000 000 – GC1M-aredm

These codes will greatly increase your chances of a successful and quick passage of missions and achievements in this game with graphics of a new generation. Emerging fights not let you get bored, improve soybean base antiaircraft bases and laser installations and create a powerful army s ground and air units. You can fight with other players online at donaters . These cheats are part of the game, so their use is completely safe.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Galaxy Control” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations345435


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