Galaxy Gunner: Adventure free Gold, cheat codes for Android, secret codes

Galaxy Gunner: Adventure hack

Collect gold, unlock weapons using hack Galaxy Gunner: Adventure on Android & iOS. Destroy aliens using cheat codes for free and enjoy free game. Keep them on sight without letting it come close to you. Different creatures will try to get closer and blow up a bomb, or shoot them with laser cannons. Follow the tips in the instructions to get a lot of money on the account.

Keep the base, destroying the picking creatures. The player is available more than 20 weapons, which has a different effect on the enemies. Get a lot of money you can not download the mod Galaxy Gunner: Adventure. Bonus codes work on all mobile devices. Download the game from Google Play and enjoy the action gameplay and the passage of tense and challenging levels with hundreds of enemies.

Galaxy Gunner: Adventure cheat codes:

  • 47,850 gold for free – fZ*DWGH0C
  • Disable advertising – bA*3jFHXB

According to the plot of the game you were on a distant planet. You are a space engineer and explore new planets, but you did not expect such a hostile reception. From all sides, the alien monsters are trying to destroy your base. Take the arms in your hands and stand for protection. The game has bright 3D graphics, convenient controls, beautiful animation and interesting gameplay.

Free gold, how to unlock weapons

In Galaxy Gunner: Adventure, you can have fun. Fortunately, you have enough gold and you can invent and discover new types of guns. They will inflict more damage to ordinary creatures and will quickly destroy bosses. Each gun has combat power and the amount of damage dealt. The player can spend the earned money to raise the level of weapons.

The planet was not so friendly and you need to survive in 40 levels. Every time new creatures appear that will use tricks and tricks to get to the base. Passage of the game brings a lot of fun, but there are restrictions on gold. To raise money to buy more powerful weapons you have to repeat the passage, watch advertising, or spend real money.

Therefore, many are looking on the network, where to download the hacked Galaxy Gunner: Adventure. Do not worry, we do not have hacking, but you can wind yourself gold in a matter of minutes. Enjoy battles and bright special effects, blast enemy bombs and raise your level. Unlocking all items from the store, the game becomes even more interesting.

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