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Generals Call hack android

Collect hero cards and create an invincible army. Hack Generals Call will give you coins and diamonds for purchases. Conduct improvements and create unique combinations of characters. Challenge the other players and bosses, earning fame and precious resources. Dozens of types of soldiers, many events and strategic opportunities. Use the instruction and get a lot of money for the game.

Three kingdoms began a war with each other, the military leaders began to collect the army. Accept one of the parties, choose the gender of your character and take part in the fight. Collect cards of different heroes, unite them and lead in the fight against other kingdoms. Generals Call, is a card game with hundreds of combinations and opportunities to create a unique army.

Generals Call cheat codes for free:

  • Gold coins will replenish the account with each fight, with their help, ordinary improvements and purchase of the item are conducted. Everyone can get 500,000 coins for free in a matter of seconds – HpZW338OU
  • Gems, a premium currency you can buy for real money. Open paid and rare generals cards, quickly raise the level. Get 2 570 diamonds – STUwZbcyl

Lead the army of heroes and meet with soldiers of other factions. Before you face the next wave of enemies, you need to destroy the protective building. Use your skills to become the main general of Wei, Shu, Wu, Qun. Forces of each type will help you in endless battles. Get resources and combat experience in battle, in the future you will meet with a powerful boss.

Skills and maps of generals

Everyone can become a master on earth, for this it is necessary to defeat enemies around the world. Constant improvement of their formations, increase the characteristics of cards and expand the list of skills. To obtain unlimited resources, it is not necessary to download Generals Call mod, or to enter personal data, the bonus codes will allow you to wind up resources and gain an advantage.

Each card has unique characteristics, strength, attack power, range, skills and other characteristics. Combine different styles, creating a unique team of cards and observe their actions. Create guilds, unite for joint battles with the enemy. Proper use of soldiers and generals is one of the key factors of victory.

Show your wisdom, neutralize the enemy quickly and form a strategy. Hundreds of players, all fighting against each other, get resources with the help to hacked Generals Call, in order to have advantages. Expand the territory of ownership, get more resources. Exciting battles of 15 to 15, or fighting with the world’s boss will give an unforgettable experience for strategy lovers.

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