Geometry Dash Codes Cheats

Geometry Dash Cheats

Hacking Geometry Dash for the fans, the game works on Android and IOS devises. Geometry Dash cheat can help you in passing levels. Geometry Dash is not only needed Skills and the speed of the mind, but even the strongest players encounter level that he was not given a long time, and everyone is your level. The game is not irritating, and brings joy you can take advantage of a burglary Geometry Dash cheat not only to pass the level, but also to obtain all the bonuses, even if you have passed the level is not 3 stars.

Who would have thought that with the squares and triangles that are only able tojump, you can Make heroes of exciting game play? But the developers have succeeded, having training beginning, we get in the way, and maps to interesting levels, where our hero must overcome all obstacles.

The difficulty level of the game in the geometry of the dash can be identified by Smiley, from smiling to evil – red. And one of the very important things, like why the game – it’s music, it is the same dynamic as a game, but be careful, jumping to the music, you are likely to quickly You lose :) And if you like soundtracks, you can download the direct links below level.

List of all cheat codes for cracking games Geometry Dash:

Code to produce 100 000 stars – Star100kade_geomdash

Cheat code for hacking Geometry Dash to 1,000,000 coins – Coin1M00ad_geomdash

mode, “practice” can we “save” the progress of the game at any time, making it easier passing, but bonuses while Exclusion to include con servation in the normal mode. Game type the code – Sava77poin_geomdash

You can not complete the level? can enter the code and miss it, it will be passed, but bonuses you do not get it. Fortunately, you can always come back to it when your nerves calm down, and in order to pass the level, enter the code – Level01next_geomdash

The key figures of the possibility of repainting – Color99figu_geomdash

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Geometry Dash” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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