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Graffiti Stars hack

Unlock all skins and disable advertising, Graffiti Stars hack will allow you to play freely. Secret codes will reveal premium items and will allow you to gain an advantage over your opponent. Unblock weapons and characters to bring more benefits to the team. Paint the map in your color, expand your boundaries. Use the instruction and get twice as much experience in the game for free.

Participate in endless, online battles and raise your level. Discover new achievements, weapons and skills. Graffiti Stars cheats will help you to cover as much territory as possible after the end of the day. They work on all Android devices. To use, you do not need root or jailbreak rights. Occupy high places in the standings and first use the game updates.

Bonus codes Graffiti Stars:

  • Unlock all skins and weapons – PiK_89syg1
  • Double experience – Dsu_wxRwW5
  • Disable ads – Y2b_uw4QyP

Review, gameplay

Online action game on mobile devices, you can play for free. Here you can team up with your friends and challenge other teams. Choosing a strategy for the battle, everyone has a weapon, one shot dashes the floor of the card in your color. Each team tries to capture the maximum area. The choice of strategy can decide the winner.

Each player has characters that have weapons with a certain radius. The Graffiti Stars gameplay is simple, but at the same time has many nuances. Will share with the team, so that everyone paint his plot, or unite not to leave the missed places. Paint the empty space, or repaint the color of the opponent. A lot of variations make each fight unique and interesting.

How to unlock weapons, skins

Colorful characters with huge brushes, or machine guns with paint. Try out each hero and choose a loved one, increasing the range of fire. In addition to the main weapon, the player can use boosters, acceleration, quick recharging and other. The battle takes 3 minutes, as a result of which the victory goes to the team, which has painted over the area. The results are announced in percentages and often the result is unpredictable.

The player sees only a certain area and this allows deceiving the opponent. Battles take place online, so it’s impossible to download a hacked, or mod Graffiti Stars. Violators are quickly punished, use the resources of the game and take advantage. Battles take place in mode 3 for 3, 5 for 5. Choose a map and go to draw graffiti. Share your secrets with friends and team up.

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