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Grand Theft Auto 4 hack

Codes for GTA 4 must be dialed during the game on the phone. After correct introduction of the code on the display there will be a sign “Cheat Activated” (for the English version of the game), and the code itself will be saved in the phone book of GTA 4.

For 100% passing through the game, do not save the game after using cheats !!!

List of codes (cheats) for GTA 4:

  • Health (restores health Nico): 482-555-0100
  • Armor: 362-555-0100
  • Weaponry Kit No. 1 (Baseball Bat, Handgun, Shotgun, MP5, M4, Sniper Rifle, RPG, Grenades): 486-555-0100
  • Weaponry Kit No. 2 (Knife, Molotovs, Handgun, Shotgun, Uzi, AK47, Sniper Rifle, RPG): 486-555-0150
  • Clear the tracing level: 267-555-0100
  • Add the search level (adds one search star): 267-555-0150
  • Change in weather: 468-555-0100
  • Call Annihilator: 359-555-0100
  • Jetmax call: 938-555-0100
  • Calling NRG-900: 625-555-0100
  • Sanchez Challenge: 625-555-0150
  • FIB call Buffalo: 227-555-0100
  • Comet call: 227-555-0175
  • Summon Turismo: 227-555-0147
  • Cognoscenti Challenge: 227-555-0142
  • SuperGT call: 227-555-0168

In order to get maps of the location of pigeons, armor, weapons, jumps, health, entertainment and vehicles, the codes for GTA 4 do not need to be used, just type in any in-game Internet browser the following site:

Consequences after applying codes to GTA 4

In GTA 4, after applying the codes there are specific sanctions – blocking of achievements (achievements). They do not apply to all cheats, so the poet can not mention them separately.

  • Code 482-555-0100, blocking of achievements Mean Streets, Walk Free, One Man Army
  • Code 362-555-0100, blocking the achievements of Mean Streets, Finish Him and One Man Army
  • Code 486-555-0100, blocking the achievement of Mean Streets
  • Code 486-555-0150, blocking the achievement of Mean Streets
  • Code 267-555-0100, Lock Walk Free, One Man Army
  • Code 938-555-0100, Lock Walk Free
  • Code 359-555-0100, blocking the achievements of Walk Free, One Man Army

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