GUARDIANS OF DARKNESS Codes and Cheat for Android and iOS, unlimited Coins, Gems


The new role-playing game on Android devices – GUARDIANS OF DARKNESS. Here you can choose one of three characters. Sarah Rogue, Paladin and Mage Kirillos Rhine. All have opportunities to develop. To create a strong character the player will need money. They are presented in the game as gems and coins. Their presence will allow you to buy expensive items for your character and develop its properties. Each player can get a lot of money in the game.

Players earn coins after performance of tasks. Diamonds are donatе currency and sold for real money. They allow you to buy premium items. Therefore, many players are looking for hack GUARDIANS OF DARKNESS. If you want to develop all the characters of the line, it can not do without tricks. Either you have to spend real money in the game.

You will need powerful protection to keep your land in safety. The seizure of foreign territories and the battle becomes more difficult with each level. It is necessary to carry out the maximum number of improvements to undertake the following tasks. Using these secrets you can get coins and diamonds without downloading the mod GUARDIANS OF DARKNESS. These secrets will allow you to keep the protection and deliver crushing blows to the enemy. Role-play and RPG elements have a large number of lines for development. After selecting your character class player must take advantage of it during battles. HIT points obtained in the course of the game need to improve your level and additional bonuses.

Free GUARDIANS OF DARKNESS Cheat Codes for Android and IOS:

  • 125 000 Coins – C#_frh2309fe
  • 3800 Gems – G#_f2g398fe


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