Armored Warfare: Assault free cash & gold for Android, secret codes

Armored Warfare: Assault hack

Get a lot of money and gold on the account, Armored Warfare: Assault hack will give unlimited resources. They can easily be obtained for Android & iOS devices, without obtaining any special device rights, root or jailbreak. Use the tricks, gain an advantage in passing and enjoy a free game. This tank simulator has great prospects and now you can gain experience and train your skills in real battles against real players from around the world.

Enjoy online battles in the new MMO shooter on mobile devices. This game will turn all the representations about tank battles for Android & iOS. Graphics of a new generation, physics and extensive capabilities for tuning the tank. Armored Warfare: Assault is available for free download, so many items cost real money. Rare models of tanks and weapons can be bought for real money, or buying gold in a game store. In a word, this is the new World of Tanks for Android & iOS.

Armored Warfare: Assault cheats:

  • Money games to buy parts and carry out improvements, earn them in battle, the better the statistics, the higher the reward. Get + 1 million cash to your account for free – W2W7-IPVUS
  • Gold is a premium currency and is sold for real money. Get access to paid parts, speed up the installation of new weapons on the tank and other functions. + 1 000 000 using the code – JUQO-QVLN1

The graphics of the game amaze with realism and level of detail, grass, trees and shadows are immersed in what is happening. Developers retain the physics, and here the tank will be able to destroy the walls, boxes and other small obstacles. Modern models and already legendary models of technology are available for selection. Use novelties, install additional weapons and armor to increase your chances of survival.

How to get gold for free, game features:

Fast fights for a couple of minutes, battles in real time from 3 to 8 me players on the field. Equal fighting between the two teams. It is enough to choose a tank, and press the “battle” button.

A couple of minutes of waiting and you move to the card with other players. Armored Warfare: Assault hacked allows you to buy any tanks in the game store and install the most valuable parts and weapons. Conduct improvements, upgrade the characteristics in order to increase the chances of survival.

Controls in the game are carried out with the help of a touch joystick movement, another finger is aimed. After the shot you will see the recharge indicator, the speed is individual for each tank and can change.

Install new parts to increase the overall power rating. This is a unique, general assessment of the capabilities of the tank. In addition, there is an indicator of improvements made.

Having a lot of money on the account, you can create a whole hangar with the most powerful tanks. The technique is divided into subspecies, some serve as scouts, others are more powerful, depending on the choice of technique, your role in the team will depend.

In 2018, the player does not need to download Armored Warfare: Assault mod to get a lot of money into the account. Secret codes will give unlimited resources and opportunities in the game.

Your level and statistics will depend on the skills of combat. Develop your own strategy, use shelling, and additional crew skills.

Increase your statistics to get into the leaderboard. Having gold, the player can acquire heavy tanks, assault models, tanks with snipers and scouts. Each battle can choose another role in the team, or train a certain skill. Money Armored Warfare: Assault give more advantage, share secrets with friends and create a powerful team.

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