Codes Buggle 2 not mod apk – Cheats

Buggle 2 cheats not mod apk

Hacking Buggle 2 will allow you to fully enjoy this colorful game and get even more fun, keeping in stock a lot of tokens, honey and lives. Levels that previously you thought impassable be easily to overcome when you have a lot of bonuses (boosters) in stock. And if you are a fan of the first part and you do not really interested in playing the first level, you can miss them and enjoy a more sophisticated levels.

Cheats for Buggle 2 does not require downloading and installing other programs it’s consistently enough to enter secret codes and obtain all the necessary resources. We assure you, this is the safest way of obtaining resources, you can save a lot of money in the game, thus getting maximum results. To crack Buggle
2 in facebook you need no more than five minutes to learn the code and follow the instructions at the bottom of the article.

The list of secret codes to crack Buggle 2 for Facebook:

Receive 2 times more coins (reward tokens) for passing a level – IOFE * HD

Code to produce honey Buggle 2 +233 (honey) – LKGD * DI

Add 25 lives – DJWO * IE

Rainbow bubble – unlimited iridescent bubbles – DEUC * DI

To use a honey dipper (remove single bubble) an infinite number of times, enter the code – ENCQ * PW

Unlock all bonuses for possible use with the first level – ENVI * WB

Receive 2 times more points per ball (the code that makes the passage of all levels to 3 stars) – CNWJ * UX

If you have already played enough Buggle 2, and you are not interested in playing the simplest level, you can unlock all levels and to play in no particular order – EIYC * EB

Mod Buggle 2 – a new version of the game that will give you new levels and tasks to gather more more honey and save a lot of bees. For complete freedom in the game you can use cheats Buggle 2 that operate on the basis of secret codes. Hurry up to try it when the codes still work.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Buggle 2” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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