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Caravan War hack

Build your own empire, hack Caravan War will give you resources. Free gold and gems for Android can be without downloading mod files, or entering personal data. Use secrets and get a lot of money into the account for the development of buildings and the creation of a protected caravan. The main source of resources is robbery when seizing caravans of other players. To build a powerful army you need to develop a base and raise the level of buildings.

Strategy with TD elements, here everyone can become the owner of the empire. But first it has to be built and developed. Every time someone tries to rob and destroy the building. At the same time, the development of defense and the army makes it possible to successfully hold companies to seize foreign resources and protect their achievements. Players looking for where to download Caravan War mod should say that this is an online game and get resources using apk, or you will not be able to download the cache.

Bonus codes Caravan War:

  • 120 000 gold – HD # e3XTNP
  • 7,350 gems – KM # DXAnAj

Features of the game

Excellent strategy with elements of tower defense. The construction of a base, additional buildings and protective towers takes most of the time. Correct alignment of forces around the perimeter will protect your empire. Performing single tasks, the player will get acquainted with the basics of management and combat. Multiplayer battles open to the player after passing a pair of tasks.

PvP mode gives an unforgettable experience of strategic fights for resources. Each player builds his own caravan with resources with maximum protection. Other players try to capture the resources of others. The game Caravan War is free, but donators have a significant advantage in the speed of the game.

How to get gems for free

You can buy valuable items for a premium currency, it in turn is bought for real money. Unblock paid buildings can already be at the initial level. This gives a rapid increase in the level and the ability to improve buildings and the army without expectations. Equipment caravan requires a special approach, more precisely half of the resources received.

Capturing enemy products, this is the main goal of the game, greed in the game is only welcomed. Caravan War cheat gives an advantage when passing the game. Use does not violate the rules of the game, so this is not hacking. Each player has access to the game store. The growth of technology and level entirely depends on the amount of gold and precious stones.

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