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After the release of the first part of the game, many were waiting for the continuation and CSR Racing 2 was worth it. This dragging drag racing game on your mobile, you can download it for free for Android, iOS. But to earn money CSR Racing 2, is still difficult. In addition to gold, the game sells sets of keys and accelerators. Using our codes, each player will be able to get free and fast game sets completely free. To do this, you do not need to get root, jailbreak rights, or enter personal data.

The safest way to hack CSR Racing 2 is to use the codes to buy. This is a simulation of the purchase in the game store, without a real waste of money. A wonderful way to get extra money and unlock fast cars. The game has a plot, challenge the first opponents and begin the career of racers. In the future, you are waiting for hundreds of races with bosses and strong opponents. Money is needed to buy and create a fast car. Use the codes and become one of the fastest riders, challenging real opponents. Follow the tips to properly use the codes.

CSR Racing 2 hack:

  • Super nitrous oxide – lOCSR_ZeyeAb
  • Set of gold keys – CiCSR_QVjqoK
  • A bunch of silver keys – dKCSR_zuhBpP
  • Heap of gold – 7oCSR_10Nbab
  • Set of bronze keys – rBCSR_ST5waG
  • Fast and furious Nissan box – RTCSR_owI5qx

Despite the access to unlimited resources (codes can be entered several times each), you need to gradually develop. Use the time between races to install the available parts, or increase their level. Get experience with a weak opponent, learn your car and defeat the boss’s minions. The victory over the main on the site will bring special rewards and new opportunities. Special race is the most difficult, especially if there is no money for maximum improvement.

Features of the game CSR Racing 2:

  • Graphics at the highest level, the most realistic cars and maps.
  • Online game mode allows you to compete with friends and other players.
  • Team up with friends and participate in team competitions.
  • Realistic auto models, switch the camera inside to inspect the interior.
  • Hundreds of tasks and locations in the career mode and endless gameplay in PvP mode.
  • Wide possibilities for tuning, improve all details, creating a unique appearance of the car.
  • Huge number of auto settings, before tire pressure change, before engine replacement.
  • Working codes of CSR Racing 2 on money give freedom to each player.
  • Collect a collection of realistic supercars from real life.

If you are new to the game, then do not quickly rush into battle, gradually develop in a career mode. It is very important to pass the training and get acquainted with all the tricks and opportunities to customize your car. Winning special races will be easier when the account has a lot of money. Gradually unlock the parts to upgrade the car to create a harmonious and fast wheelbarrow. There are thousands of details in the game, there is always the opportunity to carry out an additional upgrade.

Downloading CSR Racing 2 mod is not necessarily in 2018. Only officially downloaded game from Google Play, Apple Store guarantees the security of personal data. Be careful when using codes to get the promised sets, you need to follow all the rules exactly.

CSR Racing 2 mod

The main part of the game is working with cars, your garage can have several wheelbarrows. First you need to create one, the fastest for racing. CSR Racing 2 a lot of money in the game allows you to develop several cars in parallel.

Having improved all the details inside the car, you can start to mess around with the improvement of appearance. A wide range of paint choices, a large selection of stickers, discs and other things not affecting the technical specifications. Buying items for gold you can stand out from the total mass of players.


As for the gameplay, it was adjusted, but no significant changes occurred. It is also necessary to switch gears on the tachometer in time and select the duration of the nitro operation. This is a standard approach for games in this genre, it requires precision and a bit of strategic thinking.

The game has several modes, hacked CSR Racing 2 gives a chance to achieve success and each of them. The main advantage is unlimited access to gold and accelerators. Using CSR Racing 2 keys, you can quickly unlock the desired modes, items and game functions. Follow the advice and get more pleasure from the game.

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