Dead Legend – Coldest Winter for Android, bonus codes for free Cash

hack Dead Legend - Coldest Winter android

Get money for free, using hack Dead Legend – Coldest Winter and unlock the car. Secret cheat codes for gold and stars will allow you to raise the level and unlock valuable items of the game. The world will not be the same, but the survivors’ salvation has fallen on your shoulders. Destroy the zombies with cars, or shoot from the air. Use the instruction and get resources to improve your skills and purchase more powerful weapons.

Use the codes for money as soon as the resources run out. Do not use the cheats Dead Legend – Coldest Winter more than once a day. This will guarantee you safety of use. Thus, a player can collect a large amount to buy a more powerful car, or weapons. Do the tasks, get the stars and valuable rewards. Conduct improvements and improve your sniper skills.

Cheats Dead Legend – Coldest Winter for free:

  • 195 000 money for free – vIKj_QnM3L
  • Disable advertising – oliV_Ax4nQ

Description of the game, the secrets of the passage

Free action game for mobile devices, become to protect survivors. Destroy the zombies performing a variety of tasks. Take a sniper rifle, or a machine gun, throw grenades and use other equipment. Colorful game has nice graphics with high detail and interesting gameplay. Save the hostages, or pave the way for a safer place.

Always aim only at the head, this will quickly destroy the zombies. With the features can be noted shooting through the walls, it allows you to deal damage. Dead Legend – Coldest Winter is an action game with a lot of challenging missions. To save the world will have to spend real money. After all, it’s not everyone who can defeat a boss with a weak weapon.

How to get money, unlock auto

Take on the role of a zombie hunter, spend all resources on the purchase of new equipment. Shoot quickly and accurately to get three stars for completing the mission. Use grenades that only act on the dead, this will free the hostages. Convenient control with the help of the joystick aiming and selection of weapons will allow you to act quickly and deliver accurate attacks.

Meet the zombies with heavy armor, use all the resources to deal critical damage to it. Often, players are looking for where to download mod Dead Legend – Coldest Winter, which will allow you to purchase more powerful cars. Expensive cars have a higher level of armor and other characteristics. Supercar will allow you to destroy zombies on the road and receive valuable rewards.

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