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Every year in November, the game is updated, which is waiting for all lovers of football Football Manager Mobile 2018. Everyone wants to participate and test the best-selling book in the genre of sports games. Every year the game is gaining millions of downloads, but it is paid. Can I get free Football Manager Mobile 2018, and how to get the game sets from the game store, you will learn about all this in this article.

Fans of football, this expectation can be compared with the expectation of a new phone for Apple. Every time I want to get a novelty and experience all the innovations in the game. Previously, the game appeared on a PC, now it is popular on mobile devices. Every year the developer wants to continue the success of the series, introducing new elements, but his appetites grow. In addition, that the game is paid, there are restrictions in it, which can be removed by paying a couple more dollars. Not everyone can afford to download Football Manager Mobile 2018 and enjoy the gameplay, but there are ways to get a free version and it works on Andorid, iOS devices.

In the game are available nearly 30 tournaments in which you can participate, for selection are available 15 countries. In the game, you can perform the role of manager and add new players to the team in order to strengthen their capabilities.


The mobile version of the game is certainly a continuation of the PC version, but with reduced features. Football Manager Mobile 2018 mod has additional features and new updates. Basically it’s about social networking and the ability to attach the game to facebook. In addition, the game has a binding of players to real players and you can quickly go to the page of your favorite football player, or club.

Each player can create a unique 3D image of the coach with wide settings. In addition to choosing a face, you can customize the hairstyle, choose skin color, body shape, clothing and more. This coach will be you and this image will pop up during the game.

There are many game modes available in the game where you can have fun. In the free Football Manager Mobile 2018 you will be able to experience the new modes Fantasy Draft and Create Your Own Club. In the first you can create your own tournament with 32 participants. It’s a great way to call all friends and see who is stronger.

Football Manager Mobile 2018 a lot of money in the game you need to buy new players and create a team. This requires a lot of effort and a lot of time, after each achievement, you can make another improvement.

Using cheat codes you will be able to unlock all modes and quickly create the desired command. The codes on the game sets will allow you to forget about purchases and enjoy new modes and brighter graphics. The game has a lot of good reviews, most of the bad ones due to the price of the game and donat. These restrictions you can simply remove using tricks.

Football Manager Mobile 2018 hack:

  • Download the free version of the game (use on Android, iOS is different, follow the instructions in the instructions) – 0sbiwfhr0
  • Tutor Staff Member – l4hi94ob0
  • Manage National Team – 3bh8gjlf3
  • All Items Bundle – yxnduggkw
  • In-game Editor – 2dhah51gf
  • Sugar Daddy – fs6m6vvga
  • Gold Coaching Badge – 8a7txkzfc
  • Manager’s Son – bh6pz1876
  • Superstar Manager Reputation – j5jwbgww1
  • Place on the Board – l33w2yjpk
  • Youth Academy – cnigc1don

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