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Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop Dance is a free arcade game by Doodle Mobile Ltd. Here you can perform dancing, earning money and fame. And if in the arcade of the Tank Stars you will fight, then here you will compete with other players in the skills to dance. Do you like hip-hop, or do you want to get to know this genre more closely? In the game, you can dance and enjoy music, create your own character and develop his skills, raising the level. Hacked Hip Hop Dance for Android will bring unlimited coins that will quickly climb the leaderboard.

About the game

Hip Hop Dance hack

This is a fun, simple arcade game in which you will perform dance elements under the lights of searchlights and cheers of fans. A fascinating hip-hop movement, a musical rhythm and support for the audience. Hip Hop Dance for Android, this is a free game where you can quickly get up and become a famous dancer in this genre. Using the presented codes, everyone can create a strong hip-hop hero.

Choose the gender and appearance of the character, the game has a large number of items and opportunities. Each player can create a unique character and win recognition from the public. In addition to interesting gameplay and effects, you can hear dozens of popular songs. You can effectively dance under each of them, the main thing is to catch the rhythm. Discover new locations and conquer a large number of fans.



This is a simple arc in which you need accuracy of movement and speed. Click on the appearing points on the screen, swap, twist and clamp and twist the wheel to perform the trick. From the accuracy of actions and pressures will depend on the amount of experience gained. With an increase in the level, you can collect more viewers. Hip Hop Dance mod, will bring a lot of fans and ovations.

Unlock the game for free, open new locations, buy paid items. In the game, you can create a hip-hop hero on your own preferences. The number of received money will depend on the number of ovations. Attract a large number of spectators to your performance and earn a lot of money. Tours to big cities will bring a lot of money Hip Hop Dance.

GraphicHip Hop Dance cheat

Hip Hop Dance mod

The game is executed in a cartoon style and have very bright graphics and elements. Keep the rhythm to unlock new, colorful places. In large places you can collect even more viewers for your performances and get extra money. Hip Hop Dance cheats for coins will present freedom of purchase and will open new opportunities for the development of your character.

Dozens of popular hits from the genre of hip-hop, a lot of locations and popular places for placing the scene. Fascinating and fast gameplay and the ability to create a hero from scratch. Develop and train the hero with new tricks, immerse yourself in the game including sound and enjoy your performance. The main thing is to catch the rhythm to unlock the paid items, use the cheat codes and enjoy the free game.

Hip Hop Dance hack

  • 38 500 coins for free, code – 7B_9gpq4xB
  • Disable ads – 4e_gwxr6uj
  • Free Mode – 0l_84SIz2i

Follow the instructions and create your own freestyle skier, learn new moves and techniques. Enjoy the game without limit and share your achievements.

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