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hack Multi Car Wash Game for android

Multi Car Wash Game game is becoming more popular among the fans of this genre of games. You can download the game for free from the official websites of the Android and Ios. High-quality graphics and sound in the game will give you even more fun on the passing game. But if you have found this article, then your main objective is to obtain an unlimited number of game resources. Each game has such a game store where you can buy various items for the successful passage of levels. Also, all gamers want to unlock all the levels in the game.

Multi Car Wash : Design Game
Repair, replace and repaint your vehicle for a better look with car wash game.
Become a mechanic and practice with repairing game.
Make your own auto shop and wash to make them look like new.

Welcome to a car wash designing game of 2018. Imagine you have a beautiful car. Then you have to spend a lot of money for it to look new. The last option for you to go to mechanic. The one who knows its cars very well in this tiny car shop game.

You can earn virtual currency by your own labor. To do this, you need to devote a lot of time playing. Another option is to purchase resources for real money. Gamers do not want to do that and therefore are looking for hack Multi Car Wash Game. You might think that this is the best way, but very often it may not be safe for your account and your mobile device.

Multi Car Wash Game free Codes:

  • 50 000 Diamonds – MEP_#JN*301

In order not to risk the safety of your game account, you can use our secret codes, which you see above. They are used by developers during game testing. You can not be afraid that your account will be blocked, because this is not exactly happen. This method does not violate the rules of the game.

Review, Tips and Guide:

Variety of Cars and levels
Here, you have different free trucks available to make them look like new. The first thing is to select your favorite little vehicle from a collection. It will soon be delivered to your smart car pit shop. Now it is up to you how you make it more beautiful. After you complete the missions, you can move to next free car in the pit shop. You have sports, luxury and other road cars in this mini game.


Missions and stages
The missions are much full of fun than any other tiny car shop games. Each town car undergoes several procedures in your mechanic shop. When you complete one, you can unlock the next mechanic shop mission.

Car Washer
The very first one is a car wash & designing mission. You have to shower with water and apply washer with a sponge. Then cleanse it again with water and gently rub with a towel.

Car Repair
The next stage of real car designer is to provide services for the body. Search for the scratches and other dents on the body in your racing car shop. You can use a gas torch to repair any cuts and body damage as a super mechanic. However, you have to use a hammer to repair dents in your shop.

Change Wheels and Repair Chassis
Then, change the wheels and install new ones as you are a super car mechanic. Blow air with pressure machine up to a certain limit.

Car Refueling
Now you can proceed for refueling and car tuning. Hold the fuel pipe and open the lid over the fuel tank. Fully fill the tank of petrol. Then open up the hood and add in the mobile oil.

The mini car simulator’s engine oil is in a container in the tiny car shop. Slowly put it in the place. After completion, you are ready to go right off from your shop.

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