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New role-playing game Ocean Legend for lovers of sea adventures. Choose the type of ship and go fight, trade, or travel. True for a full game you need to have a lot of money and for those who do not want to spend tens of dollars on purchases there are working codes, or hack Ocean Legend. Get diamonds and a lot of gold for free purchases in the game and explore the world without limits.

The game takes place in the 15th century, so only sailing ships will be in your arsenal. They are divided into different classes, so players can perform different roles. Fight with pirates and other players, or trade in goods, the choice is yours. Ocean Legend cheats are available to all players for Android, iOS. To use the codes, you just follow the instructions and follow all the rules.

Ocean Legend Hack:

  • 500 000 gold – S2MV5LYFRX
  • 50,000 diamonds – E4X6Z779DJ

After downloading the game you will find yourself in a real adventure where there are not enough resources and very harsh rules. Ships shoot only on the sides, and you will move using sails. Collect treasures, or win money from other players. Everyone must experience several roles using different types of ships. To unlock everything, you do not need to download Ocean Legend mod, or get special device rights, the bonus codes work on all Android, iOS devices.

Features of the game and the gameplay

  • Good graphics moves you into the world of the 15th century and plunges into the adventures of that time.
  • Several types of ships;
  • Interesting tasks and the pursuit of treasures;
  • Online battles with real players;
  • Trade, or battles, every time there is a choice;
  • Working codes for free resources.

This is a real adventure for those who like fighting in the sea, travel between the islands, performing tasks and meet face to face with pirates. The power and capabilities of the ship will depend directly on the amount of Ocean Legend money in the game. Go to unknown places, meet sailors and new maps to find treasures. Explore the interesting world of the 15th century and build your own team.

Each player can have several warships, battleships, merchant ships, or boats for reconnaissance. Do your part in the team to bring victory. The number of points you receive will depend on your role, complete the tasks and get the maximum points. Increasing the level unlocks new opportunities before you.

Cheats Ocean Legend will make you a real captain with unlimited possibilities. Buy ships, carry out improvements quickly and get even more fun with the game with the codes.

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