Codes of Angry Birds Epic. Cheats on gold and coins

. How to get a lot of money. Cheats on gold and coins.

Want to get a lot of money in Angry Birds Epic? Then this hack is for you,free and without any downloads you can get a lot of money,coins and friendship signs. Read about it below.

RPG from the company RIO with the same popular birds that we have already liked. It seems like no matter what game they will do, it will be successful, and in the case of Angry Birds Epic it’s deservedly. In the game we are waging battles with the same pigs, often it’s 3 against 3, hitting in a row, and the survivor will be the winner. What is interesting,is that the battles are held in different locations like snowy mountains or sunny beach. Birds still have their special blows and benefits.

For the winning in the game we will gain the ability to upgrade our character, and  the faster and easier we will win, the more stars we will get. To wage battles more effectively, beat the pigs one after other, if you killed one, move on to the other. Always upgrade the game class at first opportunity. Opponents have pigs who treat each other, destroy them first. To know the abilities of any of the enemy press and hold click on them.

Of course cheating makes the game more interesting and hacking gives you a lot of money for quick leveling of the characters, but if the battle promises defeat just close the game and than select other bird for this battle.

A secret of getting 3 stars is treating drink, the more health remains in the end of the battle,the more stars you get.

Cheats for hacking Angry Birds Epic :

  • the code for the gold coins,which will fill up your bank on 10,000- GO10LDAD
  • code for obtaining silver coins – SI10LVAD
  • get 1000 crystals  of friendship – CR1KRYAD
  • play the wheel of fortune after each level – WHEFORTA
  • cure all the birds after a fight, the code will bring you 3 stars at the end of any battle- ST3ZARAD

instruction: information about entering the code in the game ” Angry Birds Epic” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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