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How to save money, where to download the hacked Plants vs zombies 2 for Android or iOS? Is there a mod game, and how to use cheat codes for coins and gems. In this article, we will try to consider the most frequent questions from fans of this game. How to secure yourself in the game and still get money Plants vs zombies 2, but with minimal risks. Running in front of you must understand that downloading a mod, or getting root or jailbreak right for hacking the game, is a danger to spoil the phone. Read all about this below.

Overview and Tips for Passing Plants vs. Zombies 2:

The predecessors of this game, namely Plants vs zombies received dozens of awards and the highest ratings from users. This is one of the most unusual and creatively created games of late. There is an endless struggle between plants and a variety of zombies. After the first success, this version followed, but we could not find working codes for a long time, and they are popular in the new version of Plants vs zombies 3. And it’s wonderful, because the game every time experiences a lot of changes and additions. But the main drawback are gaming purchases, which severely limit the gamer.

The whole story with the zombies began with Crazy Davy. A couple of hours ago he ate a wonderful taco and so wanted to repeat the meal that he decided to use the time machine and go back to the past, where tacos were cooked very tasty. But things did not go as they wanted. And instead of returning for a couple of hours, or minutes ago, he pulled everything into Ancient Egypt.

It turned out that in ancient Egypt, zombies are common, and stinkers are constantly fighting with plants. Zombies of all types are coming from the right side of the screen. Each of them occupies one of five rows on a cage. Planting plants on the left side and bringing light into the world, you can stop the offensive. Plant different types of plants and as much as possible to stop the wave. To unlock a lot of plants the player will need money. After all, some of them are bought for real money, the modernization of others requires a large number of coins in the account.

Plants vs zombies 2 codes:

  • A set of 10 000 coins, code – jtLRNRRKU
  • Get 20 000 coins for free, this code for money Plants vs zombies 2 will allow you to make free purchases and carry out upgrades without restrictions – Qe5fUNkGp
  • Get Free Plant – Snow Pea – 3JpzBkd18
  • Get Plant – Jalapeno – lJvOtWK8m
  • Upgrade – Bonus Seed Slot – DUhQjESGp
  • Crystals are a premium currency and give a big advantage to get 110 pieces for free, enter – mcg4feZo6
  • Plant – Torchwood, code – 9B7egPprt
  • Plant – Power Lily – pGShLKt6r

These codes allow the player to get a lot of money into the account and unlock the paid plants. This will increase the chances of survival and allow you to play without restrictions. Coins will allow to carry out improvements and raise the level of plants and precious stones will speed up the processes.

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