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hack Rocket Car Ball

Collect your jet car to fight in the arena for freedom in the new game Rocket Car Ball for Android. According to the plot, you will destroy your bosses in order to free yourself from slavery and prove your own importance. Choose a car from the list, improve it, setting new details. Rocket Car Ball cheats are desired by many players, despite the fact that the game came out quite recently, many players are looking for ways to get a lot of money in the game for free. Diamonds and money are needed to be able to raise the level of cars and unlock additional items.

The codes work on all devices, to use them you need to download the original version of the game from Google Play, and follow the tips for entering codes. This hacking method is the safest and does not require any special skills, just do not need to get root, jailbreak right. The game has post-apocalyptic graphics, jet cars that look not very fresh and a few arenas where you have to challenge the enemy.

Rocket Car Ball hack:

  • 150,000 money for free – 5H_5A2bdgx
  • 12 500 diamonds – 6i_0eexccQ

Install on the car weapons to defeat the enemy, there are no rules. The strongest wins, every player the Rocket Car Ball game, but only the money received with cheat codes can be freely used through the game store even after the game is updated. Earn experience points, raise the level to open new items and weapons in the game.

Features of the game Rocket Car Ball:

  • Combining the genres of sports games, action games;
  • Dozens of types of cars and more than 50 parts, each can create a unique wheelbarrow;
  • Accelerators, weapons and other boosters make the game dynamic, and the outcome of the match is unpredictable;
  • The graphics of the game are made in an apocalyptic style;
  • Working codes for crystals;
  • A game without ads;

Start the game and render it on a dismal arena, you organize an uprising against the slave system. The team and your skills in managing cars and weapons will help you win. Manage the reactive sports car, hammer balls to the enemy in order to win. Rocket Car Ball codes for crystals give an advantage to everyone who learns to enter them. Here you do not get immortality, or maximum damage, but you will be able to carry out updates in time.

With the help of a bloody joystick control your car, perform maneuvers and kick the ball to the opponent’s goal. The buttons on the right allow you to use the weapon and stop the opponent at the right time. Management experience is a very important factor for victory, constantly train skills and try to score in a loved way.

Hack Rocket Car Ball for Android gives you access to unlimited diamonds, free purchases and access to improvements. Destroy the opponent, use a frosty ray, or a fire missile, bombs, explosions and other flashes will accompany the game.

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