Codes Six-Guns Cheats

hacking the game Six-Guns  with cheats for Sheriff badges ,money Hacking the  game Six-Guns on Android, or iOS you  will get not only a lot of money, gold coins and  sheriff badges, but also you will  be able to open all the weapons and armor, increasing the level. There are no secrets in this,  everything is done using cheat codes,free, without  downloads and SMS , read about it below.

Besides shootings in the game Six-Guns  you can participate in the races, having tried for 8 types of game horses.  The number of main missions in Six Guns is 40, but the game have a number of additional tasks that can be a  great fun, and  with using  of codes  for money and weapons the  game gain absolutely different contest.

And this is understandable, it is free, so  the developers need to earn  money in the game, and they are not ashamed to limit our resources.

The list of cheats for the game Six-Guns for Android and iOS:

code  on hearts, will increase the number of lives up to 2005 – sghealt25_mcy0

code on the money, add 125,000 coins – sgcoin125_dke0

sheriff badges – the main currency that is bought for real money, for them you can buy everything in the game, and improve weapons and armor. Code to get 5 000 sheriff badgets – sgstarsh5_eyt0

open  all the horses  for buying – sghorseal_all9

raising a level,  very important cheat in the game Six-Guns. If you get a lot of money at the same time being on the first level of the game, you will have a lot of weapons closed and inaccessible for the purchase.

Playing in multiplayer, with good weapons and low level, you will fight with newcomers, and you will be bored. To increase your level in the game, enter the code,instead of “x” indicates the desired level (without brackets) – sgmelevel_nmn (x)

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Six-Guns” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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