Codess Social Wars Cheat codes

Social Wars cheat codes for facebook

Today you will learn how to crack the Social Wars without downloading mods, or other programs, as well as free for entry personal data. Social Wars cheats help you can get a lot of money in the game, cash, gold, wood, metal and other resources. For free resources you can simply enter the secret code according to instructions.

Social Wars Cheats are safe and their use can not be detected because they are part of games and pretend to purchase upon receipt cash. These codes have been detected by our programmers and you can use them for free, it will make the passage of Social Wars even more fun and fast. Well, you need to look for bugs Social Wars – it does not work, you can hack Social Wars themselves.

Cheats Social Wars for hacking into facebook:

Cash, the most important, donating currency to add 2750 cash Social Wars use code – 27cashEI6

Code to produce 100,000 gold Social Wars – 10goldcEJ1

Enlarge warehouse and refill the tree at one million – 10woodEQ0

Code to produce 1 million oil – 10oileEU2

Get 100,000 metal – 10stelEU5

Unlock all units and buildings at the store – UNstekEU3

Using codes Social Wars, you can create one of the most powerful military cities and protect the Earth from invaders. Play keeping in stock a lot of cache, is much more interesting, you will not need to save, and you You can quickly pump their buildings and units, as well as to hire the best robots for protection. Become
the main army on the way to protect the planet, forced to shake your opponents and share your achievements with your friends on facebook.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Social Wars” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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