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The release of a new game War Song with the cooperation of the two companies was expected quite a long time ago a new MOBA game for Android, iOS from the developers of the famous Monster Castle. Here you can fight in real time and other players. Collect the team, consolidate support for the alliance and join the battle 5v5. Battles in real time, attack the enemy towers to extract resources and make further improvements. Cheats War Song are needed, for more resources. This will create a character who will perform his role in the team to the maximum. From the choice of the character will depend on your strategy in the game.

War Song hack:

  • + 135 000 coins – Ut0T_KoP2P
  • + 3 600 orb – Cqjp_vVizQ

Use coins and premium currency to create a strong character, participate in endless battles. Online battles against another team require strength, skill and team cohesion. Each of the participants has unique characteristics. Learn the enemy team to choose the right strategy for the fight. The money will be enough for a beginner and an experienced gameplayer to create a strong hero and a team together with friends.

Destroy the enemy tower before it reaches yours. Correctly formed team and the performance of their roles will help to defeat a stronger opponent. The endless state of war will attract millions of players, many are looking for War Song mod to get a lot of money. After studying this method of hacking, each player can get crystals and coins for free purchases, completely free.

Features of the game War Song:

  • 3D graphics with high detail;
  • Multiple game modes;
  • Online battles 5 vs 5;
  • Opportunity to team up with friends;
  • Dozens of types of hero, to choose from;
  • Hundreds of items and lots of weapons and skills;
  • Everyone can create a unique character;
  • Codes for unlimited crystals and coins.

In the game it is very important to correctly combine team members, to choose characters for different roles. Strategic battles with RPG elements, create a character and help the team destroy the enemy base. Team up with your friends and perform different roles. Communicate and deceive the enemy in order to win. Each fight will bring you extra coins and experience.

Raise the level, and progress quickly, hacked War Song on the crystals allows you to quickly develop the hero. Different races are available for selection, more than 20 types. Dozens of types of skills to choose from, each player can create a unique character. The team combines 6 different roles, each playing its part in the course of the battle.

Choose a heavy tank, fighter, assassin, mage, or combine several roles into one. Using codes Money War Song you can quickly progress and buy any sets. Follow the instructions and get a lot of money on the account for free.

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