West Gunfighter for Android

hack West Gunfighter for android

Travel through the locations of the Wild West, the game West Gunfighter will plunge you into the life of a cowboy. You need to have all the skills of a sharp shooter, develop a reaction to win the battles and just survive in the harsh cowboy conditions. West Gunfighter hacking into crystals and gold will allow you to unlock all weapons and use the best equipment in the game. Follow the tips in the article to get a lot of money for free.

Tough conditions, dangerous world, the strongest here survive. A prerequisite is to have the skills of a good shooter. Save the innocent people from criminals, challenge them in a duel. The game West Gunfighter not forgives mistakes, one wrong move and you are a corpse. You will quickly get a bullet if you do not shoot first. The codes in the game simplify the passage, it is much easier to perform tasks when there is access to an unlimited supply of crystals and gold.

West Gunfighter cheat codes:

  • + 50 000 gold – OD_hufKIoL
  • + 50 000 crystals – Ve_l1ZSnnD

Dispose of the resources received at your own preference, become the best shooter of the West. Train your skills and buy the best weapons and equipment. Learn to feel the weapon in your hands to strike first. The game gives the opportunity to become a participant in hundreds of skirmishes and the possibility of traveling through the wild West. Explore the world, gather equipment and develop your skills.

Gameplay, game features

  • Action cowboy simulator, take on a noble role.
  • Dozens of skirmishes with villains and criminals.
  • Learn to control the revolver and train the reaction.
  • Choose your own style, several suits are available in the game to choose from.
  • 20 pistols to choose from, use West Gunfighter codes to purchase any of them.
  • Fight criminals and animals to survive.

Murder in the game, this is normal practice and you need to be faster and more accurate to survive. In the battles with villains, you have to fight with animals and various creatures. Be ready, your revolver will save your life more than once. The game provides an opportunity to perform noble missions to protect the innocent. They are not armed and can not defend themselves.

The strength of the enemy with each level is growing, you need to have a lot of money West Gunfighter to raise your own level, or upgrade your equipment. Without the strengthened skills, you will not have a chance to cope with the enemy. To go through the game you need to constantly travel, get acquainted with new characters, crack down on scoundrels and even play at a gambling table.

If you get tired of killing, you can always run a mini-game and get distracted. Play blackjack and darts. This is not only interesting, but also contributes to the development of your skills. Hacked West Gunfighter is available for Android, iOS. Follow the tips and get a lot of money on the account.

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